Armor Kits for Heavy Trucks

Over the last several years, the Army has initiated and implemented a Long Term Armor Strategy (LTAS). The LTAS provides modular armor protection for vehicles that vary dependent upon threat levels. The B-Kit consists of both transparent armor and opaque armor and provides a higher level of protection for the troops. They can be readily stored, applied, or removed by troops in the field per mission requirements.

The Military and Aerospace (M&A) Manufacturing Division of Fidelity Technologies Corporation, a Pennsylvania defense contractor, has been selected by the U.S. Army’s Tank and Automotive Command (TACOM) to provide B-Kit add-on armor (AoA) for its family of Heavy Tactical Vehicles. Under the terms of the five-year contract, Fidelity will supply accessory armor for the HEMTT A4, PLS A1, HEMTT A4 TAM, and M915A5 vehicles.

With B-Kit armor, vehicles operate with increased crew protection during periods when threat levels are higher. The fleet of Heavy Tactical Vehicles is managed by Product Manager Heavy Tactical Vehicles (PdM HTV)/Project Manager Transportation System’s group under the leadership of Program Executive Office Combat Support and Combat Services Support (PEO CS and CSS) in Warren, Michigan.

Fidelity Technologies Corp.
Reading, PA

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