New Power Module Developed for Next Gen Military Airborne Electronics

Military Aircraft Image
A new power module from Collins Aerospace addresses the unique needs of airborne electronics on military aircraft. (Credit: Collins Aerospace)

Collins Aerospace has developed a new power module to support open architecture applications such as mission computers, signal processors, aircraft communication, and radar systems. The Collins 3Phase 3U power module delivers up to 800 watts of power without requiring additional filtering hardware for Space, Weight, and Power (SWAP)-constrained platforms operating in harsh environments.

The solution complies with MIL-STD-461F and meets standards developed by VITA, an international trade association responsible for developing standards for open architecture solutions. The hardened 3U VPX power module features embedded EMI filtering and is part of a growing product line of 3U VPX building block components to deliver innovative, SWAP-efficient, open architecture solutions to the tactical edge.

As airframes modernize and incorporate new, more complex systems, the primary power source needs to deliver higher performance in extreme environments without adding weight. The Collins team in Medford, New York, has pushed the boundaries of power supply design to produce a 3U, 1-inch pitch module that features superior voltage regulation and ultra-low ripple to maximize the capabilities of the system application. The on-board VITA 62 compliant EMI filter offers superior performance and provides robust power to embedded system applications.


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