Avionics Bus Box

Ballard Technology (Everett, WA) offers the Avionics BusBox 2000 Series, a DO-160 box designed for rugged environments. The embedded computer has built-in interfaces for standard peripherals and various avionics databases. Using application-specific software, the box also is expandable. Con - ductively cooled, it is suitable for rugged applications such as serving and recording data, converting protocols, and providing federated control.

The box features a user-programmable PowerPC processor that controls the standard (serial, Ethernet, and USB) and avionics databus (MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429/708717) interfaces. Programs are developed on a host computer and uploaded to the box, where they can be saved in non-volatile Flash memory. Applications can then boot from the Flash memory and run without host intervention.

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