New Products

Boundary-Scan Test Hardware Interface

JTAG Technologies (Eindhoven, the Netherlands) announced the immediate release of a new JTAG/boundary-scan test hardware interface product compatible with the MAC Panel mass interconnect system. The JT2147/eDAK is a multi-function signal conditioning module that allows ‘ideal world’ connections from JTAG Technologies PXI and PXIe DataBlasters to the MAC panel ‘Scout’ connection system.

Based on the popular QuadPod™ architecture from JTAG Technologies, the JT2147/eDAK is an enhancement of JTAG ‘s current DAK interface and has been specifically designed for robust high-integrity ATE systems. In using the JT 2147/eDAK, test system builders will greatly simplify their wiring task and, at the same time, retain the signal integrity assured by the QuadPod’s active interface.

In addition to four independent JTAG Test Access Ports (TAPs), the JT2147/eDAK features 64 digital I/O scan channels plus 16 ‘static’ DIOs. Each TAP can be programmed to operate through a range of voltage levels and two can also operate as other test and programming interfaces such as BDM or SWD.

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3U VPX Processor Board

Concurrent Technologies (Woburn, MA) is now shipping deployment quantities of the rugged conduction-cooled TR E5x/msd-RCx processor board, having passed all the prerequisite qualification tests. These include storage and operation over extreme temperature ranges, as well as reliable operation when subjected to three-axis shock and random vibration tests according to the VITA 47 standard. As such, TR E5x/msd-RCx is available for use in the type of harsh environments encountered in some military, defense, transportation and industrial applications.

TR E5x/msd-RCx is a 3U VPX board based on a quad-core device from the Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1500 v5 family and has 16GB of DDR4 ECC DRAM. This allows for high performance command, control, communicate and compute, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance applications. In addition to a wide assortment of on-board I/O interfaces, an XMC expansion site enables customers to add application specific storage and I/O with up to 24 single-ended and 20 differential pairs traced through to the backplane.

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Airborne Data Acquisition Systems

Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division (Ashburn, VA) announced that its Teletronics Technology Corporation (TTC) business has expanded its family of rugged multipurpose acquisition and recording solutions for Airborne and Ground-based Instrumentation Networks. ADSR-4003 recorders integrate three (3) independent solid-state recorders into a single size, weight and power (SWaP) -optimized compact unit. The ADSR-4003Z models are designed for mounting in a DZUS rail for easy, rapid installation. The ADSR-4003F, models are designed to have a flanged base plate for secure direct mounting.

The base ADSR-4003F-1 model provides two (2) 1000BASE-T Ethernet ports and can accept up to three (3) removable solid-state memory cartridges with capacity up to 256 Gigabytes each. The ADSR-4003F-1 also includes four (4) unpopulated I/O card slots. The ADSR-4003F-2 and -3 variants add high definition video recording and streaming capabilities. The ADSR-4003F-5 variant supports up to four (4) Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) interfaces.

Designed to address a wide range of demanding airborne applications in Flight Test and Operational environments, the units, in addition to providing recording functions, can also be utilized as a Data Server for Digital Moving Map applications.

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UC-2524, Flame Resistant, Urethane Potting

EpoxySet (Lincoln, RI) formulates a wide variety of urethane compounds including the UC-2524. The UC-2524 is a flame-resistant potting/casting material that is used for environmental protection of electronics. This potting material yields very low cure stress as well as high impact resistance over a temperature range of -55 to 130°C. The electrical properties make it suitable for high voltage power supplies and ignition coils. It is thermally conductive and meets the requirements of UL-94-VO.

The UC-2524 is a low viscosity system that can be cured at room temperature or with heat. With a 100°C cure, UC-2524 can be de-molded in 20 minutes. It has a minimum work time of 60 minutes with an easy 1:5 by volume mix ratio ideal for use in dispensing equipment.

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Direct Drive Torque Motors

Allied Motion Technologies (Amherst, NY) announced the addition of smaller frame sizes to its line of Megaflux™ Frameless Direct Drive Torque Motors. Motors are now available in sizes ranging from 60 to 792 mm in outside diameter, with multiple stack lengths for each diameter.

Brushless torque motors are designed to produce high torque values compared to standard brushless motors. They have higher pole-counts, much thinner axial dimensions, larger diameters than typical motors, and are designed to run at low-to-moderate speed. Being frameless, Megaflux kit motors (consisting of a matched rotor and stator pair) are ideally suited for OEM designs where they can be integrated directly into the driven axis. A large open-center aperture provides free passage to route cables, light beams or other machine mechanics.

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