Flow Transmitter

The AS-FT Flow Transmitter from FCI Aerospace (San Marcos, CA) features a rugged, highly reliable thermal dispersion technology sensor design that is ideal for mission-critical air, gas and fluid monitoring systems on commercial and military aircraft.

Highly versatile, the FCI AS-FT flow transmitters measure air from 0.25 SFPS to 1000 SFPS [0,07 NMPS to 305 NMPS]. Measurement of fuel, hydraulic fluid or coolant is available from 0.01 SFPS to 10 SFPS [0,003 MPS to 3 MPS]. The measurement range for water and ethylene glycol (EGW) is from 0.01 SFPS to 5 SFPS [0,003 MPS to 1,5 MPS]. Accuracy for measurement is ± 2 % of full scale; higher accuracy optionally available. Temperature accuracy is ± 1 °F [± 1 °C] over the specified range.

With their rugged design, the FCI AS-FT flow transmitters operate from -40 °F to 250 °F [-40 °C to 121 °C]. They are proof pressure tested up to 2000 psig [138 bar (g)] or greater as required by application. Certifications include: MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461 and RTCA / DO-160.

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