Two-Stroke Engines

Ewatt AeroSpace Company (Wuhan, China) has developed a new series of lightweight, powerful and reliable two-stroke engines for both UAV and light-manned aircraft. The engines are being designed and developed by aircraft engine designer Guido Polidoro in Ewatt’s new European Engine Development Center in Piacenza Italy. The new Ewatt engine is designed to be modular, and expandable into multi-cylinder versions to produce more horsepower. Each cylinder has 188cc displacement, developing 22 horsepower at 7500 RPM, making the single-cylinder version, at 7 kilograms, a powerful alternative to other engines on the market.

The latest development involves two and four cylinder versions capable of producing over 40 and 65 horsepower. These engines all use the same cylinders, pistons, rods and parts of the crankshaft to keep the cost of the engine production more affordable. There will also be a six-cylinder version developed to produce over 80 horsepower and weighing only 34 kilograms.

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