Loitering Munitions Systems

UVision Air Ltd.
Zur Igal, Israel
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UVision Air Ltd., a company that specializes in loitering munitions systems of all sizes for a variety of missions, is marketing its Hero-120 and Hero-400EC Loitering Munition systems with anti-tank capability, providing an all-inclusive solution for countering MBTs (main battle tanks). Hero Loitering Munition systems provide an accurate, effective, and highly lethal response to hard targets. They are capable of locating hidden targets, tracking them and attacking at significantly longer ranges than commonly available anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM).

As members of the HERO series of loitering munition systems, both the Hero-120 and Hero-400EC can carry multi-purpose warheads for extended lethality against a wide range of targets, as well as having unique attack capabilities from any direction and angle, including top attack. With long endurance and low acoustic, visual and thermal signature, the systems can locate, track and strike static and moving targets with pinpoint accuracy. The ability to launch Loitering Munitions from a remote-controlled multi-canister launcher provides effective deployment of the Hero systems from a variety of platforms - air, land and sea - away from enemy lines.

The Hero-30 Loitering Munition System, developed and manufactured by UVision, incorporates a high level of precision attack and abort capabilities. This simple-to-operate system enables front-line forces to initiate operations, as well as to respond to any enemy target or threat that arises, and eliminate it with extreme accuracy. The Hero-30’s advanced capabilities include striking targets with high tracking precision and lock-on, a last-second-mission-abort, and re-engagement for a second attack attempt or change of target. Its versatile installment configurations (man-packed, vehicle mounted or stationary) make it suitable for a diverse range of operational scenarios.

The Hero-120 Loitering Munition System is a mid-range, anti-armor loitering munition system which meets the complex requirements of the modern battlefield. Hero-120 is a high-precision smart loitering munition system with a unique aerodynamic structure that carries out pinpoint strikes against anti-armor, anti-material and anti-personnel targets, including tanks, vehicles, concrete fortifications, and other soft targets in populated urban areas. The Hero-120’s high-precision capability ensures minimal collateral damage. Its wide range of multi-purpose warheads enables the operational user to effectively engage all targets.

The Hero-400EC Loitering Munition System is a long-range, high-precision loitering munition system with a low acoustic, visual and thermal signature that can locate, track and strike static and moving targets with high accuracy, and minimal collateral damage. Precision strike capabilities, extended endurance of up to two hours, and a multi-purpose warhead ‒ including concrete piercing, anti-tank, and antipersonnel that handle different types of targets with exceptional accuracy ‒ enable long-range and versatile missions. Due to its maneuverability, the Hero-400EC provides an advanced mid-air abort capability that enables automatic reentry into loitering mode, re-engagement, or return to the recovery area using a parachute.

The Hero Training and Simulation System provides realistic virtual training for the Hero series of Loitering Munitions. With three configurations – classroom, portable and embedded in the operational control unit - it presents a comprehensive solution for Hero operators, enabling a higher level of training flexibility. The classroom configuration provides a robust simulation solution with a rich and versatile scenario generator for multiple trainees. The portable and embedded field simulator configurations give Hero operators continuous hands-on training, at various levels, during deployments, maintaining the highest level of operational proficiency and readiness – anytime, anywhere.

UVision Air Ltd. designs and manufactures combat-proven smart Loitering Munition systems, providing military organizations around the globe with precise and effective operational attack capabilities. The HERO family of systems provide high-precision strike capabilities, based on unique aerodynamic platform configurations. UVision Air’s loitering munitions are designed with unique flight qualities for precision attack munitions, integrating advanced airborne guidance and sophisticated navigation algorithms, integrated with C4I stations, meeting the requirements of today’s modern battlefield challenges for combat in complex and dynamic environments.

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