Anti-Drone Remote Weapon System

General Robotics Ltd.
Beit Nehemia, Israel
+972 (0) 77 512 1020

General Robotics Ltd., a company that specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing advanced robotic systems for defense and homeland security applications, has unveiled a new anti-drone remote-controlled weapon station. The Pitbull-3 is an ultra-lightweight RCWS that delivers Point & Shoot technology, is highly accurate and highly reliable, and provides a workable solution for detecting and tracking all types of drones during flight, enabling their neutralization and downing.

Weighing only 70 kg, the Pitbull-3 anti-drone station provides a complete solution in one compact and mobile system that can be easily installed on any manned or unmanned ground, air or maritime platform, including ultra-light vehicles such as ATVs, and fixed stations.

“While hard-kill solutions are inevitably needed to stop advanced drones and drone swarms, there is a strong focus on soft-kill capabilities,” explained Shahar Gal, CEO of General Robotics Ltd., noting that the Pitbull-3 enables both.

The system’s complete solution against drones enables three key courses of action to be taken:

  • Detection of drones by different kinds of radar integrated within the system, with a drone detection range of up to 5 km.

  • A soft-kill via an integrated jammer which can induce simultaneous disruption of all of the drones’ communication frequencies - command, video and GPS - thereby forcing the drone to stop, land, or return to base.

  • A hard-kill whereby an advanced prediction algorithm enables moving drones to be shot down from 500 meters, and hovering drones from 800 meters.

In addition to Pitbull, General Robotics also recently debuted its new, DOGO Mark II anti-terror robot with advanced capabilities that include a faster Point & Shoot interface, enabling accurate designation of lethal or non-lethal means simply by clicking on the screen; non-lethal pepper spray and non-lethal dazzling light module attachments; and front extenders, for overcoming various obstacles.

Weighing just 11 kg, DOGO is already in use by special forces, SWAT teams and infantry around the world. Standard pistols can be quickly attached to the robot and easily operated via Point & Shoot technology. DOGO can also be integrated with non-lethal modules. The robot includes eight video cameras that provide 360° live video and bore-sight views and can communicate in hostage situations. The DOGO is being sent into fatal funnels to provide situational awareness and remote engagement capabilities to increase the survivability of the fighting forces.

Each General Robotics system is equipped with proprietary technology, providing real-time, 360° situational awareness. Point & Shoot technology enables fast reaction and pinpoint accuracy, thereby improving decision-making and reducing collateral damage, and all General Robotics systems come with a unique anti-terror warranty which covers damage caused by terrorists engaging the systems.

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