Drone-Elimination Fire Control System

Smart Shooter Ltd.
Kibbutz Yagur, Israel
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Smart Shooter's SMASH fire control system adds digital precision to in-service rifles and ammunition. It has been successfully tested by US Special Operations Forces and other military agencies, and it officially entered operational service with the Israel Defence Forces in early 2018. The latest and most advanced variant – SMASH 2000 Plus – has the capability to lock, track and accurately hit conventional targets as well as small, fast and maneuverable tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), day and night.

SMASH is fully ruggedized and can be added to a wide range of legacy small arms including the M4 and other AR-15 variants. The system constantly scans for potential ground and UAV targets and – once confirmed – constantly works out firing solutions to provide the user with the optimal moment to fire, promising to hit the target and nothing else. Markers in the sight HUD provide maximum situational awareness when it is needed most.

In essence, the SMASH family of Fire Control Systems was designed, developed and manufactured by Smart Shooter to ensure that each round hits its designated target, day or night, while keeping friendly forces and uninvolved population safe. SMASH 2000 is designed for the rigors of close-quarter combat, aiming to help shooters hit and eliminate their targets with the first round. However, the system enables the user to instantly revert back to free-fire mode through the reflex sight and fire the rifle manually (bypassing the Fire Control System). With another click of a button, the Fire Control System can be turned on again. The system continuously calculates the required aiming point in order to hit the target, taking into consideration the respective movement of both the target and the shooter. This dynamic aiming point is continuously displayed through the eye-piece providing the shooter with an unprecedented hit-ratio for each shot.

The company combines proprietary target acquisition and tracking algorithms with sophisticated image-processing software and then embed them in rugged hardware solutions to cost-effectively upgrade rifles and other infantry firearms, turning them into 21st century smart weapons.

The SMASH 2000 system includes: target detection and acquisition; automatic target tracking and continuous designation of calculated aiming point; see-through reflex sight; alternate day/night operation mode; and optional video recording capability for debrief purposes. The SMASH 2000 ‘Plus’ includes all of the features of the SMASH 2000 system, with an enhanced counter-drone/UAS mode that provides the operator with a line-of-sight automatic detection system as well as an accurate kinetic shoot-down capability.

The system is rugged and compact and can be easily and rapidly installed on almost any infantry rifle and firearm, while its modular software and design approach enables the SMASH family to constantly evolve, regularly rolling out new capabilities and updates. Future iterations will include SMASH 2000M offering x4 magnification in addition to the FCS capabilities; and SMASH 2000N offering improved night vision capabilities.

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