Radar System

RADA Electronic Industries Ltd.
Netanya, Israel

RADA Electronic Industries Ltd., an Israeli-based company that specializes in the development and production of tactical land radar for force and border protection, recently announced that its Multimission Hemispheric Radar (MHR) has been down-selected as part of the Leonardo DRS mission equipment package (MEP) solution for the US Army's Initial Maneuver-Short Range Air Defense (IM-SHORAD) capability Developed by Leonardo DRS's Land Systems business division, the MEP package will also include several advanced technologies, including Moog's reconfigurable integrated-weapons platform (RIwP) and Raytheon's Stinger missiles.

The MHR radar, when integrated on the Stryker A1 platform, meets the Army's on-board sensor requirements and provides 360-degree aerial surveillance to detect and track UAS, rotary wing and fixed wing threats at desired ranges. The Stryker A1 is an 8-wheeled Infantry Carrier Vehicle built upon the combat-proven Double-V Hull (DVH) configuration to provide enhanced survivability against mines and improvised explosive devices. In addition to the DVH survivability, the Stryker A1 provides a 450-horsepower engine, 60,000-pound suspension, 910-amp alternator and in-vehicle network.

Each IM-SHORAD MEP includes four MHR radars to provide persistent surveillance, execute at the short-halt, and operate on-the-move. This accelerated IM-SHORAD prototype effort requires systems be delivered in early 2019. Nine prototype systems will inform a future production decision for more than 140 systems beginning in 2020. General Dynamics Land Systems — which produces the Stryker — will be the platform integrator for the IM-SHORAD system.

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