Remote Weapon Station

General Robotics
Beit Nehemia, Israel
+972 (0) 77 512 1020

General Robotics, a company that specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing advanced robotic systems for defense and Homeland Security, manufactures an ultralight remote weapon station with anti-drone capabilities called the Pitbull. The Pitbull provides a solution for detecting and tracking all types of drones during flight, enabling their neutralization and downing.

Pitbull AD, which weighs only 70 kg., is easily installed on all manned and unmanned ground, air, and maritime platforms including ultralight vehicles such as ATVs, as well as on fixed stations. The system, which can integrate with any existing sensors, detects and tracks all types of drones in flight and can neutralize them via RF, intercept them, and if needed, bring them down by either soft- or hard-kill. Despite weighing only 70 kg., the Pitbull AD supports MAG 7.62 mm or NEGEV 5.56 mm machine guns.

The Pitbull AD’s optics module includes both a color HD day camera (optical zoom X30 human target detection range <1200m) and a thermal camera (human target detection range <800m), backed up by an image processing suite that includes “point & shoot” technology, an embedded anti-drone track and shoot algorithm, day and night multiple target tracking, a digital image stabilizer, and video motion detection (VMD). The laser range finder operates up to 3.3 km.

In addition to Pitbull, the company also manufactures the DOGO - Anti-Terror Robot. Weighing only 10 kilos, DOGO is currently being used by Special Forces, SWAT teams, and infantry around the world. Standard pistols can be quickly attached to DOGO and easily operated via point & shoot technology, but DOGO can also integrate with non-lethal modules. The robot includes eight video cameras that provide 360° live video and boresight views and can communicate in hostage situations. The DOGO is being sent into Fatal Funnels to provide situational awareness and remote engagement capabilities to increase the survivability of the fighting forces.

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