Upgraded Electronic Flight Bag System

Astronautics Corporation of America
Milwaukee, WI

Astronautics Corporation of America has been selected to provide an improved and upgraded electronic flight bag (EFB) system on all fielded and future production Boeing 787 Dreamliner airplanes. The new Block Point Five (BP5) EFB will be a form/fit replacement for Astronautics’ current Boeing EFB. The BP5 will give Boeing 787 operators additional functionality and will be compatible for use throughout all phases of airplane operations.

The enhanced BP5 EFB features an improved central processing unit that will enable the storage of more information, including detailed charts, maps, documents, and databases, allowing operators to enhance airplane performance and improve airplane operational efficiency. The BP5’s modular design allows for future upgrades without line-replaceable unit (LRU) level redesign, which will save operators time and maintenance costs. The new EFB will also require no changes to wiring, power, cooling requirements, or the avionics rack.

The EFB system provides flight crews’ displays with user interfaces so they can access airplane data through the systems’ functional capabilities. The EFB’s Document Browser, available on portable devices, simplifies operations by eliminating paper documents from the flight deck, making document viewing and management more efficient and cost effective. The EFB Document Browser software application gives pilots a quick and efficient tool for pinpointing documents and information precisely when they are needed, all in an electronic format.

The current BP4 EFB has been standard fit on the 787 since its initial entry into service in 2009. Astronautics and Boeing introduced the first EFB to the air transport marketplace 15 years ago on the 777 airplane. Depending on model and configuration, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner can accommodate 242 – 330 passengers, boasts a range of 6,430 to 7,635 miles, and travels at Mach 0.85.

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