Night Vision Displays

Daisy Data Displays
York Haven, PA

United States Coast Guard officials required night-vision goggle compatibility for the flat panel display systems used in the Lockheed C-130 military aircrafts. To meet the requirement, they recently purchased Fleetmate 7171CA Series thin client flat panel displays with night-vision technology manufactured by Daisy Data Displays.

Daisy’s monitors feature a unique, new-to-market night-vision imaging system (NVIS) technology that gives users fullcolor readability in daylight and with night-vision goggles without the need for add-on filters. The C-130H’s two-pilot flight station is currently equipped with digital avionics, headup displays, and a state-of-the-art navigation system. This fully-digital interface must be readable in all degrees of light.

The C-130H, in its role as the chief support aircraft for the US Coast guard, serves in various applications that require displays to support day to night transitions. In operations, such as long-range search and rescues, homeland security patrols, and logistics, it is vital that users are provided with a normalized interface in both daylight and with night-vision goggles. That made being able to transition from day to night vision without the need for add-on filters a priority.

The Fleetmate 7171CA features a 10.4" high resolution resistive touch screen that is pressure sensitive and responsive to any input device. Its one touch for night/day operating system provides quick “on the fly” changeover and a built-in LCD heater ensures display operation across a broad temperature range. Up to 500 NITs display with 100:1 brightness adjustment allows precise brightness setting from bright to zero. The terminal features a PXA25 32-bit XScale processor, 16 MB RAM (expandable up to 72 MB), 8 MB Flash ROM, Ethernet 10\100 Base-T, and VT200 terminal emulation. The enclosure is a combination of aluminum 6061-T6 and cold rolled steel, nickel plated.

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