Integrated Underwater Security System

Winfrith Newburgh, Dorchester, UK
Bezons, France

Effective surveillance of coastal border areas requires the use of very sensitive and advanced radar systems and processing software. SIGNALIS and ATLAS ELEKTRONIK have jointly developed an interface for Cerberus Mod 2 Diver Detection Sonar (DDS), providing a fully integrated underwater surveillance and security system.

STYRIS®, the SIGNALIS Integrated Maritime Surveillance and Security software technology, collects, processes, fuses, and displays data from a wide range of external sensors, such as radars, AIS, RDF, cameras, weather stations, and now the Cerberus Mod 2 DDS. In this particular application, STYRIS provides protection and situational awareness in the underwater domain. Using unique software algorithms, the system detects, tracks, and correlates vessels and small above and underwater targets in the maritime environment. Multiple sensors can be integrated to present what is known as a Recognized Maritime Picture. The STYRIS technology processes and displays data from multiple radar systems, using the advanced processing algorithms to track data, analyze target patterns, and identify suspicious behavior.

Cerberus Mod 2, the latest offering of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK diver detection sonar, detects and classifies open and closed circuit divers, swimmers, swimmer delivery vehicles (SDVs), and underwater vehicles. The lightweight technology, qualified for military use, can be configured for various environments and applications, such as permanent seabed installation for 24/7 port and harbor security and surveillance. The Cerberus Mod 2 DDS also allows operators to detect, track, and classify potential underwater intruders in busy harbors and ports. Cerberus uses advanced sonar processing algorithms to spot underwater targets at ranges of over 900 m in favorable sonar conditions.

The integration of the Cerberus Portable Diver Detection Sonar into the STYRIS product provides a DDS underwater picture with above-water sensors. The combination of technologies enables surveillance and tracking of surface and subsurface targets, sensor integration, and a broader overall security system.

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