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White PaperRobotics, Automation & Control

Beyond Science Fiction: Realizing the Potential of Robotic-Assisted Surgery


This white paper discusses the roots of robotic-assisted surgery (RAS), its milestones, how and why RAS is gaining the public trust and five key technologies for its future, which leading industry experts consider to be bright. The five technologies—artificial intelligence, machine learning, haptic feedback, 5th generation mobile networks and 3D visualization will play important roles as RAS advancements continue their trajectory. Also playing a vital role is Kontron’s COM modules and its ability to provide custom solutions for RAS system providers. To illustrate, a case study involving a Fortune 500 medical device manufacturer looking to launch an RAS platform for multiple procedures, shows how a twoboard modular approach integrating the COM Express® modules helped to accomplish scalability, rapid time to market and intellectual property protection. When it comes to the fast-growing multi-billion-dollar RAS market, the future is here, and Kontron is excited to be a part of it.

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