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Advancing Energetics Safety and Performance


When it comes to energetics, failure or malfunctions can be catastrophic to both your company and the end user. With such high stakes, it’s critical that you have a bulletproof inspection method to give your team the chance to identify and fix even the slightest of defects in your prototypes.

Industrial computed tomography (CT) scanning can not only detect the smallest defects but also slash labor hours and costs. By enabling thorough inspect of complex internal structures and materials, industrial CT provides critical data on defects such as voids, cracks, and density variations. Such insights facilitate early detection of potential failures, thereby significantly reducing the risk of accidents.

The integration of industrial CT into quality assurance processes represents a transformative advance for the energetics industry.

Download this guide to learn more about:

  • The common defects found in energetics and how industrial CT scanning identifies them
  • Why real manufacturers are turning to industrial CT to enhance their product development cycle and reduce spend on overhead and labor hours
  • How industrial CT is more accurate and less costly than many traditional inspection methods with a reduction in turnaround time

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