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White PaperRobotics, Automation & Control

Revolutionizing Torque Transmission: Achieving a Tenfold Increase in Magnetic Feedthrough Capacity for Semiconductor Processing


This whitepaper details the development of an enhanced magnetic feedthrough designed to transmit torque to mechanisms within vacuum chambers, essential for semiconductor processing where motor outgassing and cleanliness are critical concerns. The existing design’s torque capacity was insufficient to meet the demands for increased system throughput. To address this, the project aimed to double the coupling torque without altering the mechanical envelope. Remarkably, by modifying specific internal components, the torque-carrying capacity was increased tenfold. The use of INTEGRATED’s AMPERES™ software enabled rapid simulation and validation of these modifications, reducing the design iteration time to just two hours compared to the conventional trial-and-error approach. This significant improvement demonstrates the effectiveness of simulation tools in optimizing mechanical designs, ensuring higher performance and efficiency in vacuum chamber applications while maintaining stringent cleanliness standards. The findings have broad implications for both dry and wet environment torque transmission mechanisms, including various pump systems in the market.

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