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High-Speed Computing and Server Interconnect Solutions


In the contemporary digital ecosystem, the demand for high-speed computing solutions has transcended the boundaries of traditional computational capabilities. The exponential growth of data generated by modern applications requires servers to have internal and external connectivity capable of handling unprecedented amounts of information.

The era of artificial intelligence has also ushered in a brand new wave of computational requirements. Specialized accelerators like GPUs and TPUs demand dedicated interconnects for optimal performance. Popular GPU data transfer protocols like NVLink and Infinity Fabric are at the forefront, seamlessly facilitating communication between these accelerators and propelling the capabilities of AI workloads.

Amphenol has developed a broad connectivity portfolio of ultra-fast interconnect technology to enhance data transfer rates and reduce communication latency, enabling high-performance systems to process AI workloads more efficiently. Learn how Amphenol helps system designers cater to these massive datasets efficiently - along with minimizing delays to enhance overall performance.

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