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White PaperRobotics, Automation & Control

Mechanical Design Creativity Enables Better Automation Solutions


Companies in virtually every industry are trying to lower labor costs, boost output, and achieve greater flexibility through increased automation. Automated systems often rely on programmable servo motors coupled with planetary gearing for motion control and power transmission functions. These components are familiar, widely available, and suitable for many applications. However, they aren’t always the best choice, and often the need for gearbox alternatives or custom solutions may go unrecognized. That’s because the designers of automated systems tend to be electrical or process engineers, who may be unable to conduct an in-depth analysis of relevant issues that require mechanical engineering expertise. The result? Sub-optimal system performance and/or shorter operating lifetimes.

This white paper will explore the need to bring mechanical engineering expertise and creativity to automated systems design early in the process. It will show how engaging with an experienced mechanical system integrator such as DieQua Corporation leads to more successful outcomes.

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