CES: VinFast Previews Wild Concept Truck

Small VF 3 CUV will someday be available in the U.S.

The Vinfast Wild concept truck as seen from the side at CES 2024. (SAE/Chris Clonts)

VinFast used its third appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to introduce three new electric vehicles, including a midsize pick-up truck concept and a small CUV bound for the U.S. The Vietnamese automaker said it will begin selling the two-door VF 3 and the DrgnFly electric bicycle in the U.S. The two-wheeler will be available later in the first quarter of 2024, and a VinFast spokesperson confirmed to SAE Media that the VF 3 will be available in the U.S. but did not say when it would go on sale. The VF 3 will be available in Vietnam in the third quarter of 2024. VinFast currently sells one vehicle in the U.S., the electric VF 8 SUV.

When the power-folding mid-gate is down, the Wild’s bed length goes from 60 to 96 inches (1524 to 2438 mm). (Chris Clonts)

The Wild is VinFast’s first new pick-up truck design and, as a concept, technical details are slim. They include the Wild’s exterior dimensions – 209 inches (5324 mm) long and 79 inches (1997 mm) wide – and the fact that a power-folding mid-gate increased the bed length from 60 to 96 inches (1524 to 2438 mm). When the mid-gate is engaged, the rear seats can fold down automatically. All four seats in the Wild’s Alcantara interior can be shifted forward and backward on an integrated rail system. The infotainment system uses an updated interface.

The Wild’s rear seats can fold in to create more cargo space. (Chris Clonts)
The VinFast Wild truck concept uses rear-hinged doors for back seat passengers. (Chris Clonts)

VinFast developed the Wild concept with help from Australian design studio Gomitiv with what the automaker calls a “Fluid Dynamism” aesthetic. VinFast previously worked with Pininfarina for its VF 8 and VF 9 SUVs. Sean Ackley, VinFast’s head of charging and energy, said the Wild’s design was inspired by the movement of a superhero’s cape in the wind. The concept has four doors, including two rear-hinged doors in back. Black wheel arches are echoed by design touches in the cabin.

Small and boxy: the VF 3

The VinFast VF 3 will start deliveries in Vietnam in the third quarter of 2024 before arriving in the U.S. at an unspecified later date. (Sebastian Blanco)

The VF 3 was designed with Vietnamese drivers in mind. The small, two-door EV is approximately 123 inches (3,114 mm) long, but VinFast claims it has “sufficient interior space to accommodate up to five people.” The VF 3 fits in with VinFast’s other EVs, including buses, scooters, bikes and larger SUVs. The company has built up its own EV charging infrastructure in Vietnam, is building an EV manufacturing facility in North Carolina, and has announced it will build production facilities in India and Indonesia. Speaking at CES 2024, VinFast’s chairwoman of the Board of Directors (and former CEO) Le Thi Thu Thuy said the company’s vehicles are built with a mi“At VinFast, we envision a green future where everybody can access and enjoy sustainable transportation,” she said. “We strongly believe that electric mobility can belong to everyone, and it doesn’t need to be linked to a social status, age, income or gender. As you have heard us say many, many times, our mission is to make EVs accessible to everyone.”

VinFast’s MirrorSense AI-powered auto mirror adjustment feature was named a CES 2024 Innovation Award honoree. (Sebastian Blanco)

VinFast’s MirrorSense was named a CES 2024 Innovation Award honoree. Ackley said that MirrorSense is the first commercially available AI-powered auto mirror adjustment feature and could be integrated into any smart vehicle with a driver monitoring system camera. Jointly developed by VinFast and VinAI, another member company of the VinGroup that specializes in AI technology, MirrorSense “can precisely detect the driver’s head and eye gaze within 10 millimeters of accuracy and automatically adjust all mirrors,” he said. The MirrorSense technology could be extended to automatically adjust seat settings or head-up displays, VinFast said.