Cummins’ New Mid-Displacement Turbos Quieter and More Efficient

Latest generation of HE250 and HE300 wastegate turbos offer a 6-7% gain in overall efficiency.

Cummins’ HE250 and HE300 wastegate turbochargers are intended for on- and off-highway commercial engines from 5.5 to 8 liters for diesel engines and 8 to 11 liters for natural-gas engines. (Cummins)

Cummins announced its seventh-generation series HE250 and HE300 wastegate turbochargers for medium displacement on- and off-highway commercial engines. The turbos are sized for 5.5- to 8-liter medium-duty diesel engines and 8- to 11-liter natural-gas engines. Cummins states that the HE250 and 300 were designed to meet the global emissions regulations from 2024 onwards including the upcoming China Stage IV FE 2024, NSVII 2026 and Euro VII 2027.

Cummins claims significant improvements in performance and durability compared to the outgoing models. Both turbos reportedly offer a 6-7% gain in overall efficiency as well as enhanced low-speed performance, which translates to additional low-end torque and better compatibility with engine start/stop systems.

The HE250 and HE300 are available in a wide range of configurations with multiple compressor map-widths and higher-pressure ratios that offer better transient response and altitude capability. Additional features of the new wastegate turbos include a turbine wheel with new full-back shroud, a twin-D volute turbine housing design, compressor-mounted wastegate actuation and improved compressor-cover surface finish.

Cummins claims a 6- to 8-dB reduction in overall turbo noise, which the company states was an area of focus to meet upcoming noise regulations. Both turbos are compatible with electric or pneumatic actuation. The HE250 and HE300 also reportedly are adaptable to any aftertreatment system including exhaust gas recirculation, selective catalytic reduction, diesel particulate filter and diesel oxidation catalysts.

The HE250 and HE300 first will be manufactured in Wuxi, China, and later in Dewas, India, as well. Cummins confirmed that both turbochargers will be launched during the first quarter of 2024.