BAE Systems Acquires Developer of Electric Heavy Lift Quadcopters

Malloy Aeronautics supported the Blood Transshipment Center and the U.S. Army 165th Quartermaster Brigade Aerial Delivery Company-Airborne demonstration last year by providing the TRV-150 UAS (pictured here) and training to help demonstrate the ability of large multirotor systems to delivery critical supplies. (Image: U.S Marine Corps)

BAE Systems has acquired Malloy Aeronautics, a U.K.-based company that makes heavy lift drones capable of delivering rapid response aid and equipment over buildings, rivers and mountains — autonomously at the push of a button.

Malloy Aeronautics designs and supplies all-electric uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) to both civil and military customers. Their range of uncrewed, heavy lift quadcopters are capable of lifting payloads ranging from 150 to 660 pounds over short to medium range missions.

Malloy’s workforce will continue to operate from its site in Berkshire, supporting its existing customers. BAE Systems and Malloy, who have been working together in advancing UAS technologies since 2021, will further develop Malloy's existing portfolio and accelerate new and novel technologies to customers worldwide.

BAE Systems and Malloy Aeronautics engineers have been collaborating to develop the 660-pound T-650 all-electric heavy lift UAS as a potential new solution to deliver cost-effective, sustainable rapid response capability to military, security and civilian customers.

Last year, the companies announced that the T-600 electric uncrewed demonstrator aircraft achieved a significant milestone during a large NATO exercise, known as Robotic Experimentation and Prototyping with Maritime Uncrewed Systems (REPMUS).

Malloy Aeronautics will become a part of FalconWorks, the research and development business within BAE Systems’ Air sector.

“We’ve come a long way over the last ten years, turning our vision of sustainable electric heavy lift technology into reality, thanks to the dedication and efforts of our team. This new step in our journey with BAE Systems will allow us to combine the strengths and vision of a young company with the reach and support of an experienced one, ultimately giving our customers the ability to scale their demands and allow us to deliver innovative new products – including the T-650 – at pace,” said Oriol Badia, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Malloy Aeronautics.