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REVO Valve Seat and Guide Measurement


The measurement of valve seat and guides has traditionally been very challenging, involving time-consuming methods that are often a compromise and not capable for the task.

REVO and Renishaw’s Renscan5™ technology change this situation dramatically, making it possible to collect large amounts of data very quickly, from which the analysis parameters for both the valve seat and the valve guide features can be calculated. The method performs exceptionally well in repeatability and reproducibility tests.

The measurement process involves two helical scans, one on the valve guide bore and the second over the valve seat area. The valve seat and guide analysis utility that is embedded in Renishaw’s MODUS™ metrology software is utilized to evaluate the scan data and return the attributes listed below (note that this analysis facility is also provided by Renishaw to other metrology software providers that support the REVO® system).

This white paper shows how REVO process for valve seat measurement (and subsequent analysis) provides a rapid method of measuring this critical feature. The complete process of measurement and evaluation typically takes just 20 seconds allowing comprehensive inspection of cylinder heads in just a few minutes.

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