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Learn the Advantages of Employing Reed Technology in Automotive Designs


Today’s vehicles, whether powered by gas or electricity, are increasingly adding new electric features for safety, infotainment, and more. As a result, the automotive sector needs reliable sensing and switching solutions more than ever before.

A typical modern automobile includes over 25 key applications served by reed switches and sensors. Of these, many are not just for comfort and convenience, but also for vital safety features like brake pedal position, seat belt sensors, and speedometers.

Advantages of Employing Reed Switches and Sensors in Automotive Designs explains how multiple structural and safety reasons make reed technology the ideal choice for these applications.

This whitepaper covers:

  • Reed switch composition
  • Features that lend themselves to automotive and EV applications
  • Applications within commercial automobiles currently served by reed sensors and switches
  • Reliable sources of reed switch solutions

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