Precision Attack Drone

Tel Aviv, Israel
The hovering capability of the Viper enables aerial observation of targets in complex urban environments.

SpearUAV has introduced what it describes as a “world first,” with its new encapsulated and launch able hovering precision attack drone, Viper. The new drone has been developed to empower tactical forces with an immediate, precise and autonomous aerial loitering munition capability against beyond line of sight (BLOS) targets.

Enhancing force protection, the hovering capability of the Viper enables aerial observation of targets – including the ability to review buildings floor by floor – in complex urban environments, while also offering mission abort and wave-off capabilities.

Developed for single-user operations, the portable and wearable system can be launched on demand, with mission readiness achieved in less than a second, from both static and on-the-move positions. Fused day and night payload and artificial intelligence-based computer vision for real-time target recognition and tracking enable intuitive user interface and ensure minimal collateral damage.

Adapted to all types of ammunition available today, the Viper is equipped with the Ninox ground control system (GCS), which is compatible with Android, Microsoft Windows and Linux. Open system architecture integrates seamlessly with existing C2 systems.

“The Viper system is the latest and most advanced development from SpearUAV,” says Colonel (Ret.) Gadi Kuperman, CEO of SpearUAV. “It combines all the features required for a precise attack – launch within a few seconds, the ability to hover slowly to detect and identify targets, and precise attack with minimal collateral damage. This system has already been proven in the field.”

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