Through-Wall Imaging System

Camero-Tech Ltd.
Kfar Netter, Israel

Camero-Tech – a member of Samy Katsav Group (SK Group) that specializes in developing, producing, and marketing pulse-based UWB micro-power radar ‘Through Wall Imaging’ systems – has launched the Xaver™ 1000, a new generation of the Camero Xaver™ product line that offers unique operational capabilities to military forces, law enforcement agencies, intelligance units, and first responders.

The Xaver™ 1000 has an AI-based tracking algorithm of live targets and its own 3D ‘Sense-Through-The-Wall’ capability, enabling it to detect and ‘see’ people or static objects behind walls and obstacles. Live objects can be seen in high resolution down to the level of specific body parts. This includes determining whether an object is sitting, standing, or lying down, even after they have been stationary for a long period of time. The system also enables users to measure the height of objects and decide whether they are adults, children, or animals, resulting in a clear operational advantage and the ability to ‘step into the known’.

Capable of being operated by a single user and ready for use with the push of a button, the Xaver™ 1000 is optimized for tactical and ISR operations, making it a useful system for military, law enforcement, search & rescue teams, and intelligence units operating in various situations, including hostile urban environments and natural disaster sites.

The Xaver™ 1000 is controlled by an embedded 10.1" touchscreen display with a simple user interface for intuitive interpretation. The display also features easy menu navigation and integrated data recording and playback for post-mission analysis, training, and debriefing. Completely radiation safe, the system meets human exposure international standards.

“The Xaver™ 1000 determines the most suitable approach to ensure successful life-saving missions in a variety of operational scenarios, such as hostage rescue situations,” says Amir Beeri, CEO and founder of Camero.

Camero-Tech’s other systems in the Xaver™ family – the short-range Xaver™ 100 and Xaver™ 400, and the long-range Xaver™ LR 40 and Xaver™ LR80 – have been successfully deployed by customers in military, law enforcement, intelligence, and search & rescue applications in more than 50 countries worldwide.

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