Multi-Drone System

Red Cat Holdings, Inc.
San Juan, Puerto Rico
The multi-vehicle package will be offered in two configurations: 4-Ship and 4-Ship+.

Red Cat Holdings, Inc., a hardware-enabled software provider to the drone industry, announced that it has completed research, development and production for a four-drone, multi-vehicle system for defense, government, and public safety markets.

Developed with its subsidiary Teal Drones, in close cooperation with strategic partner Autonodyne, LLC, the multi-vehicle package will be offered in two configurations: 4-Ship and 4-Ship+. Both configurations will allow a single pilot to simultaneously control up to four of Teal’s Golden Eagle units, which is the first drone mass produced entirely in the US under strict guidelines from the US Department of Defense.

The 4-Ship+ will include two extra Golden Eagle units and an additional linked controller to facilitate handoff of control from one pilot to another. Not only does the 4-Ship+ configuration allow a back-up pilot to immediately take over at any time, but the additional two drones also allow pilots to bring in units with fresh batteries while units with drained batteries drop off to be charged – all without breaking up the four-drone flight pattern. This allows for continuous 360-degree surveillance of any target and overcomes the biggest weakness of any drone: limited battery life.

“4-Ship is unlocking our vision for the future of drones,” commented George Matus, founder and CEO of Teal. “This early technological inflection point will redefine how drones are used across the defense and public safety markets, arguably increasing value by an order of magnitude.”

The 4-Ship is a complete solution that provides operators actionable information from multiple vehicles at the same time, including the display of four simultaneous video feeds, resulting in faster situational awareness and decision-making in today’s complex environments. It also offers a savings in manpower, the most expensive component of any drone operation, since four pilots are replaced by one.

“With 4-Ship, we have successfully integrated the human/machine interface with an embedded autonomy engine that offers additional intelligence and surveillance capabilities from a single pilot and controller,” said Steve Jacobson, CEO of Autonodyne, LLC. “The ease of use and multitude of applications makes the 4-Ship a next-generation drone system.”

“4-Ship represents truly disruptive technology that will alter the approach to intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance,” said Red Cat Holdings CEO Jeff Thompson. “No longer are drone applications limited to a one-pilot/one-drone situation, drastically altering the potential missions for drones due to the ability of a single pilot to be able to control a team of drones.”

Red Cat Holdings, Inc. provides drone-based products, services, and solutions through its five subsidiaries and services the enterprise, military, and consumer markets. Teal Drones specializes in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), and its Golden Eagle is one of only five drones approved by the Department of Defense for reconnaissance, public safety, and inspection applications. Skypersonic’s technology enables drones to complete inspection services in locations where GPS is not available, yet still record and transmit data even while being operated from thousands of miles away. Fat Shark is a leading provider of First Person View (FPV) video goggles. Rotor Riot, LLC is a reseller of FPV drones and equipment, primarily to the consumer marketplace.

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