Hybrid-Powered Unmanned Helicopter

Migdal ha Emek, Israel

Steadicopter, a company that specializes in Rotary Unmanned Aerial Systems (RUAS), recently unveiled the Black Eagle 50H system and the Golden Eagle RUAS. Following an initial order, the company will supply the BlackEagle 50H — launched earlier this year — to a naval customer for advanced maritime operations.

Designed for a wide range of law enforcement, maritime, civilian and covert missions, the Black Eagle 50H is the first-ever hybrid-powered unmanned helicopter. With a maximum takeoff weight of 50 kg, the system can carry multiple large or relatively smaller payloads, and is capable of up to five hours of flight time, which is an extremely high endurance when compared to other VTOL platforms in its class. This enables high performance and maximum operational flexibility for various applications, such as search & rescue, cyber security, intelligence, offshore rigs, and high-end naval missions.

Featuring a hybrid engine and propulsion system, the Black Eagle 50H combines the best of the electric 50E and the gas-powered 50 variants in a platform that is cost effective, simple to operate, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, and safe. The helicopter has all the proven capabilities of the highly energy-efficient gasoline-powered Black Eagle 50, including vertical take-off and landing, long hover durations, and leading mission sensor suites for all mission scenarios, whether day or night. In addition, like the Black Eagle 50E, it offers excellent reliability and is extremely adaptive to high-altitude flights, thanks to the electric propulsion component, which is less affected by ambient air pressure, making it deployable in many high-altitude operational scenarios.

For enhanced mission versatility, the hybrid platform also enables operators to select power by generator while en route, switching to the quieter direct battery power during the mission itself, enabling maximum covertness.

The company also now offers its recently launched Golden Eagle — the first-ever unmanned helicopter with precise hit capabilities. Based on the combat-proven Black Eagle 50E platform, the Golden Eagle incorporates AI-based technology and Smart Shooter’s SMASH Dragon system. Through advanced data processing, the AI system autonomously identifies and distinguishes between different types of targets, such as person or vehicle, whether they are in motion or stationery, and whether they have previously been present in the field. This enables superior situational awareness and autonomous multi-target classification and tracking.

Smart Shooter’s SMASH Dragon system — a remotely operated robotic weaponry payload — integrates a unique stabilization concept with proprietary target acquisition, tracking algorithms and sophisticated computer vision capabilities. When mounted onto the Golden Eagle, SMASH Dragon locks on the static or moving target, tracks it and ensures a precise target hit. The system can employ various types of assault rifles, sniper rifles, 40mm and other munitions with great precision.

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