Electronic Warfare Combat Training Pod

Mercury Systems, Inc.
Andover, MA
(978) 256-1300
The new mPOD is a rapidly reprogrammable electronic attack (EA) training system designed to educate pilots using realistic, near-peer jamming capabilities.

Mercury Systems, Inc., a company that specializes in trusted, secure mission-critical processing technologies for aerospace and defense, recently announced that its new mPOD, a rapidly reprogrammable electronic attack (EA) training system designed to train pilots using realistic, near-peer jamming capabilities, is currently undergoing final flight testing.

To sharpen their combat skills, pilots need to train in mock air-to-air combat with other pilots operating as adversaries. Using mPOD, “adversary” pilots can emulate enemy jamming techniques accurately, conditioning aircrews to evolving threat scenarios and better preparing them for real combat.

“Alternative electronic attack training solutions are difficult to obtain and update,” said Mark Bruington, vice president, Mercury Mission Systems. “Our innovative mPOD is a commercial solution that can be programmed quickly and will help the U.S. and our allies’ military pilots develop tactics to maintain a strategic advantage over adversaries. It will also increase pilot and aircraft survivability and save millions of dollars in training costs through integrated threat presentations.”

Built specifically for electronic warfare training, test and evaluation, the new mPOD training system offers the following capabilities:

  • Simultaneously emulate multiple National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC)-validated threats with proven Filthy Buzzard digital RF memory (DRFM) technology developed and validated over 35 years in partnership with the U.S Air Force and Navy.
  • Quickly reprogram missions and threats for different aircraft and radar systems in minutes via an intuitive software interface.
  • Speed integration with the aircraft display and control panel using the user interface or an integrated cockpit control panel.
  • Attach the mPOD to any aircraft weapon’s pylon or integrate it within the aircraft to reduce drag and maintain aircraft performance.
  • Decrease overall sustainment cost through a scalable and modular design with six swappable, high MTBF hardware components including a wideband Meggitt antenna.

Headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts, Mercury Systems delivers trusted, secure open architecture processing solutions powering a broad range of mission-critical applications designed to perform in the most challenging and demanding environments.

For more information, contact Mercury Systems at (978) 256-1300 or visit www.mrcy.com .