Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation (NASC)
Warminster, PA

Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation (NASC) announced the ongoing development of a new, multirole, jet-engine-powered, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The company developed the NASC TRACER unmanned aircraft as a low-cost, high-performance UAV designed for speed, versatility, and survivability. Leveraging a custom modified version of the proven SubSonex airframe from Sonex Aircraft, the NASC Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Special Projects Team developed the new jet UAV and its companion Mobile Operations Center simultaneously. The TRACER and Mobile Operations Center offer a combination of technology and performance typically found in much more expensive UAS. The TRACER itself will provide DoD and industry customers with a high-speed and reliable platform for the development and testing of various technologies.

The NASC TRACER, with a wingspan of 18' and a gross takeoff weight less than 1,500 lbs., gives end-users capabilities in a relatively small footprint that are traditionally found in much larger and more expensive UAS. The easily field-maintainable aircraft is intended for a wide range of operations including Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T), reconnaissance, counter UAS, communication relay, insertion into contested airspace, electronic warfare, research and development, military training activities and many other mission sets. Multiple payload locations exist within the fuselage, under the wings, on the centerline of the fuselage and within the nose radome, allowing the TRACER to be configured with a wide variety of advanced payload systems.

Since 1977, NASC has specialized in providing innovative solutions to the Department of Defense, federal research institutions, and commercial industry in their quest for technologically advanced solutions to global challenges. Their specialized products, support, and services are currently being used in multiple operational environments around the world. NASC areas of expertise include unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) manufacturing and flight services, UAS ground control systems, advanced maritime patrol ASW training, advanced acoustics and sensor development, persistent surveillance systems, combat systems joint fires training and doctrine, and information technology.

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