3D Printable Superalloy

Velo3D, Inc. Campbell, CA

Velo3D, Inc., a company that specializes in metal additive manufacturing technology for mission-critical parts, has qualified the nickel-based superalloy powder Amperprint 0233 Haynes 282 for use in its Sapphire family of printers. The powder was produced by Hoganas AB — a specialist in metal powder production — under license from Haynes International, Inc., and is designed for high creep strength, thermal stability, weldability, and fabricability not commonly found in other alloys. The material is ideal for high-temperature structural applications like energy generation, gas turbines, and space launch vehicles to build parts like heat exchangers, combustors, nozzles, combustion liners, rocket engines, and shrouded impellers.

Powdered nickel-based superalloys, like Amperprint 0233 Haynes 282, are often used to print parts for use in high-temperature applications.

The first Sapphire printer utilizing the Amperprint 0233 Haynes 282 powder will be operated by Duncan Machine Products (DMP), a contract manufacturer based in Duncan, Oklahoma. The system will be the seventh in DMP's fleet of Velo3D Sapphire printers.

Powdered nickel-based superalloys, like Amperprint 0233 Haynes 282, are often used to print parts for use in high-temperature applications due to the alloy's resistance to cracking and its ability to operate at near-melting-point temperatures. This tolerance allows parts printed with the alloy to be used in vacuum, plasma, and other demanding applications. Its high weldability makes the powder ideal for parts in larger systems because of its ability to be welded to other components.

Hoganas specializes in creating powders for additive manufacturing, delivering products with consistent spherical shape, tight control on chemistry, and enhanced flowability. The powders are made using the purest materials with very precise compositions of trace elements that give the metals their unique properties.

Velo3D is one of the first additive manufacturing technology companies to offer Amperprint 0233 Haynes 282 powder to its customers. Many of Velo3D's customers use its end-to-end solution to produce parts for use in aviation, energy, oil and gas, space, and other high-performance applications, making the powder a good fit for Velo3D's portfolio. In addition to Amperprint 0233 Haynes 282 powder, metal powders qualified to be printed with Velo3D's technology include Hastelloy X®, Inconel 718, aluminum F357, Ti 6Al-4V Grade 5, and several additional materials.

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