Mack Trucks Begins Production of LR Electric

The LR Electric model becomes the company’s first fully electric Class 8 vehicle.

The Mack LR Electric model is now in serial production at the company's Lehigh Valley Operations facility, where all Class 8 Mack vehicles for North America and export are assembled. (Mack Trucks)

Mack Trucks’ first fully electric Class 8 vehicle, the Mack LR Electric, has entered serial production at Mack’s Lehigh Valley Operations facility in Macungie, Pennsylvania. Mack announced the launch of the LR Electric in 2018 and delivered its first demonstration truck to the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) in September 2020 to undergo real-world testing. Having passed its evaluation cycle, the LR Electric is now greenlit for production and delivery to customers.

Equipped with four NMC (nickel manganese cobalt oxide) lithium-ion batteries, the LR Electric is charged by a 150-kW, SAE J1772-compliant charging system. (Mack Trucks)

“Mack has long been a leader in the refuse segment, and we couldn’t be more pleased to now be producing Mack LR Electric vehicles to help our customers meet their sustainability goals,” said Jonathan Randall, Mack Trucks senior vice president of sales and commercial operations. “Customer response to the LR Electric has been overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to putting more into fleet operations now that we are in production.” DSNY recently announced plans to purchase seven of the electric trucks.

The batteries provide vehicle propulsion and power for all onboard accessories driven through 12V, 24V and 600V electric circuits. (Mack Trucks)

The LR Electric is powered by four lithium-ion batteries and can be charged via a 150-kW, SAE J1772-compliant charging system. The NMC (nickel manganese cobalt oxide) batteries provide power to a pair of AC motors with a combined peak output of 400 kW (536 hp) and a continuous output of 334 kW (448 hp). Power is transferred via a 2-speed Mack Powershift gearbox. The batteries also provide continuous power for all onboard accessories through 12V, 24V and 600V electric circuits. A three-mode regenerative braking system enables energy recapture from the truck’s frequent stops.

The LR Electric has a GVWR of 66,000 lbs. and a stated range of 70 miles (113 km), with a charge time of 90 minutes at a rate of 150 kW. The company also claims that the LR Electric’s energy consumption can be as low as 0.3 kWh/ton-mile.

A copper-colored Bulldog hood ornament signifies that a fully electric drivetrain is powering the truck. (Mack Trucks)

The LR Electric may be upfitted in several body configurations from numerous manufacturers based on customer needs. It shares many of the same interior appointments with the diesel-powered LR model, including driver/passenger side driving configurations, as well as seating choices and door options. There is one unique deviation from the diesel LRs: All LR Electrics receive a copper-colored Bulldog hood ornament as a nod to the electric model’s unique drivetrain.

Mack also announced that the LR Electric comes standard with the Mack Ultra Service Agreement, which offers customers a tailored uptime package designed specifically to meet the unique needs of a battery-electric vehicle. It is also supported by Mack GuardDog Connect, Mack’s integrated telematics solution. The system monitors the LR Electric’s batteries for health and performance.

All LR Electrics will be assembled at Mack’s facility in Macungie, Pa., alongside the company’s ICE offerings. Mack currently has two dealers, located in California and Idaho, that are certified to sell the LR Electric. Additional dealerships are in the process of updating their infrastructure to meet the requirements to sell the company’s electrified trucks.