Dolphin Technologies Introduces Cryptocurrency Aimed at Reducing Mobile Phone-Related Accidents

Traffic accidents are the most frequent cause of death worldwide for people aged between 5 and 29. Mobile phone use plays a role in a quarter of all traffic accidents, making it the leading cause of automotive-related deaths. In addition to the tragic loss of life, these fatal accidents incur economic damage amounting to approximately $500 billion annually.

(Image courtesy: Kichigin via Shutterstock)

Austrian telematics company, Dolphin Technologies GmbH , has created a new cryptocurrency that could lead to less mobile phone-related traffic accidents. The company’s Mobilio  app rewards drivers with points when they ignore their mobile phones while driving. Those points can then be converted to Mobilio tokens so that anyone can “mint” the currency simply by driving distraction-free.

The novel approach could prove more effective than traditional methods like traffic penalties and citations, which have proved ineffective due to the deep-rooted psychological nature of the problem.

“The satisfaction of our curiosity by reaching for the phone is directly connected with the reward system of our brain,” explains Dr. Afshin Jawari, neurologist and chairman of the Berlin Medical Association Examination Commission for Neurologists.

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