Sciaky, Aubert & Duval, and Airbus Join Together to Combine High-Power Forging with Additive Manufacturing

Image courtesy: Sciaky, Inc.

Sciaky, Inc. , Aubert & Duval S.A. , Airbus SE , and the Saint Exupéry Institute for Research in Technology  (IRT) have laid out a plan to couple traditional metallurgy – specifically high-power closed die forging – with 3D printing techniques. Sciaky, a Chicago-based subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries, Inc.  (PSI), will contribute its novel Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM) wire-fed metal 3D printing technology to a new traditional/additive hybrid process to manufacturing titanium alloy aircraft components.

This ambitious research and development initiative to combine EBAM with closed die forging, also known as the Metallic Advanced Materials for Aeronautics (MAMA) project, will have academic support from the production engineering laboratory of the National School of Engineering  in Tarbes, France. In this first phase, the project has a global funding of €4.2 million (just under $4.8 mission) of which 50 percent is supported as part of France’s Programme Investissement d'Avenir (PIA) or "Investing in the Future" program. The remaining 50 percent being funded by its industrial partners.

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