MTSI’s Latest Project Gives Fixed-Wing Aircraft Vertical Cargo Lift Capabilities

While the RAES pod could very well be the spiritual successor to the Central Intelligence Agency’s Skyhook program, the new system is not limited to a specifically modified aircraft. The new capability could enable any fixed wing aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to extract or deliver payloads without landing.

(Image courtesy: Modern Technology Solutions, Inc. via YouTube)

Modern Technology Solutions, Inc.  (MTSI), an engineering services and technology company based in Alexandria, Virginia, has developed an unconventional tethered deployment method for precision cargo delivery and search and rescue (SAR) recovery. The Rapid Aerial Extraction System (RAES) pod is a self-contained device that can attach to an ordnance pylon on any fixed-wing aircraft and enable it to provide vertical lift recovery capability like that of a helicopter.

The pod has the potential to fill a niche role in delivering small, sensitive payloads or extracting embedded personnel or stranded survivors from dangerous areas where helicopters or traditional vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft – and their crews – would be at risk. MTSI believes that the pod will expand the range and of rescue operations, potentially making previously inexecutable operations viable.

“RAES gives you the speed, range, and economy of a fixed-wing aircraft and the vertical lift hoist-like capability of rotorcraft," says Ben Bosma, principle engineer at MTSI. “The system is scalable and can be mounted on a wide variety of aircraft from fighters to transports.”

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