Collins Aerospace Cabin Solutions Maintain Passenger Experience While Reducing Aircraft Weight

For airlines, providing an enjoyable customer experience, especially on long-haul flights, is a balancing act of additional features and weight and space savings. Collins Aerospace is pioneering the use of MicroLED lighting technology to increase lighting flexibility and slimline kiosks to give passengers premium self-service options.

(Image courtesy: Collins Aerospace)

The application of light emitting diode (LED) technology in automotive and aerospace cabins has led to widespread energy and cost savings. Collins Aerospace  is building on those efficiencies with the development of its “μLED Reading Light” product line – the first application of flat pane “microLED” technology in an aircraft cabin.

According to Collins Aerospace, the μLED Reading Light solution, with a lifespan 40,000 hours longer than that of a standard reading light, is equivalent to three or more standard reading lights. The microLED light has full-color and dimmable functionality can double as a dome light for illuminating the cabin during periods of ingress, in-flight service, and egress. The reduction in multiple lighting elements has the potential to drives down total illumination system weight by at least 66 percent and significantly reduce cost.

Collins Aerospace is also debuting a new passenger “self-service” solution called M-Flex Duet. M-Flex Duet is designed to give airline passengers a flexible, on-demand approach to in-cabin service without impacting seat count.

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