Boeing Wins $2.9B for 18 KC-46A Military Tanker Aircraft Based on 767 Jet Airliner

The latest U.S. Air Force order, for the fourth production lot, brings the total KC-46 on order to 52.

Boeing [NYSE:BA] in Everett, Wash., won a $2.9 billion U.S. Air Force contract to deliver 18 additional KC-46A tanker aircraft, spares, support equipment, spare engines, and wing air refueling pod kits. Boeing is now on contract for 52 KC-46 Pegasus military aerial refueling and strategic military transport aircraft , based on the company’s 767 jet airliner, with the addition of this fourth production lot.

Boeing plans to build 179 next-generation, multi-role tankers for the Air Force to replace its legacy tanker fleet, with deliveries expected to begin later this year.

This fourth production lot for 18 KC-46 military aircraft follows the first production lot for seven tankers and second lot for 12 aircraft, both contracted in Aug. 2016, and the third lot for 15 aircraft awarded in Jan. 2017.

Boeing received an initial contract in 2011 to design and develop the Air Force’s newest tanker aircraft. The KC-46A is a 767-based, multirole tanker that can refuel all allied and coalition military aircraft compatible with international aerial refueling procedures and can carry passengers, cargo, and patients.

“We’re excited to partner with the Air Force on an aircraft that will provide its fleet unmatched capabilities and versatility,” Boeing KC-46A Tanker Vice President and Program Manager Mike Gibbons says.

Boeing is assembling KC-46 aircraft at its Everett, Wash., facility.

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