Arconic Unveils Advanced Titanium Alloy for Higher Temperature Aerospace Applications

ARCONIC-THOR alloy is nearly 50 percent lighter than incumbent nickel-based superalloys and has three times better oxidation resistance than conventional titanium alloys.

SAE International’s Aerospace Material Specification Titanium and Refractory Metals Committee recently standardized ARCONIC-THOR sheet. Arconic performs ultrasonic testing for aerospace plate alloy (pictured) at its facility in Davenport, Iowa. (Image source: Arconic)

Arconic, Inc. , headquartered in New York City, has released their latest advanced titanium alloy – ARCONIC-THOR –designed for higher temperature applications in next generation aero engines and adjacent structures. The ARCONIC-THOR alooy is nearly 50 percent lighter than incumbent nickel-based superalloys.

With the new material Arconic responds to growing demand for advanced aero engine and airframe materials. For customers, it translates into cost savings and fuel efficiency.

“ARCONIC-THOR is a breakthrough aerospace material that goes where conventional titanium alloys cannot,” says Jeremy Halford, president of Arconic Engineered Structures. “Next generation fuel-efficient aero engines are running hotter, presenting a materials challenge for the exhaust systems and adjacent structures. Drawing on our materials science expertise, our engineers formulated ARCONIC-THOR – a powerful titanium solution that can take the heat and unlock significant weight and cost savings for our customers.”

Within Arconic’s patented alloy ranges, ARCONIC-THOR’s specific proprietary formulation demonstrates three times improved oxidation resistance compared to existing high temperature titanium alloys. This improved oxidation resistance protects against deterioration at elevated temperatures and enables ARCONIC-THOR to operate at service temperatures higher than any other conventional titanium alloy available on the market.

Arconic already has completed successful development projects of ARCONIC-THOR with customers. These include a U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory -funded project named “Materials Affordability Initiative” (MAI) with aircraft manufacturer Boeing  and aircraft engine manufacturer Honeywell .

Over the course of the project, Arconic produced full-scale components from ARCONIC-THOR sheet. The joint MAI project validated ARCONIC-THOR as a production-ready, superior oxidation resistant titanium alloy at temperatures as much as 200°F above previously available high temperature titanium alloy products with acceptable oxidation resistance. The project further concluded that ARCONIC-THOR significantly reduced weight and improved component performance.

ARCONIC-THOR can be produced as sheet, plate, foil, billet, rolled rings, forgings and extrusions. It is formable (cold, hot, superplastic), heat treatable, forgeable and weldable.

SAE International’s own Aerospace Material Specification Titanium and Refractory Metals Committee  recently approved the standard Aerospace Material Specification (AMS) 6953  for ARCONIC-THOR sheet.

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