Open-Circuit Piston Pumps

Eaton’s X20 portfolio of open-circuit piston pumps now has inverse proportional pressure control (IPPC) and remote pressure control options for improved system efficiency in construction, mining, and agriculture applications. IPPC allows fan speed to be controlled independent of engine speed and load. When coupled with an X20 product, the IPPC enables accurate and efficient control of fan power, providing vehicle design engineers and system integrators another way to direct engine power, saving fuel and boosting productivity. Inputs from individual temperature sensors or the vehicle’s CAN bus are used to manage total vehicle cooling and enable engine aftertreatment requirements to be well-matched. The remote pressure control is important for applications where frequent pressure adjustment is required due to varying load requirements. This control works in conjunction with a remote relief valve placed outside the system that can be manually or electronically adjusted when the system needs a change in working pressure. If dual pressure settings are required for two different work circuits, two parallel relief valves can be used in combination with a two-way valve. Applications that require this type of functionality include mobile crushers and screens, forestry or recycling chippers.