New Products

3U OpenVPX Single Board Systems

The two MOSA-inspired 3U OpenVPX “single board systems

General Micro Systems (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) recently launched two MOSA-inspired 3U OpenVPX “single board systems.” Based on an Intel® 11th gen Tiger Lake-H 8 core Core i7 CPU with 64GB of memory, X9 SPIDER VPX boards are available in conduction- and aircooled versions. Both products are intended for deployed military and aerospace or rugged applications and were designed in alignment with The Open Group Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) technical standard. Unique to these modules is a massive I/O bandwidth via multiple sealed USB4 and 100Gbit Ethernet ports—up to 455Gbps—that frees designers from the bottlenecks of the OpenVPX backplane. Also available are up to four on-board SSDs for embedded RAID data storage, two PCIe-Mini sites, plus an add-in NVIDIA® RTX5000GPGPU artificial intelligence (AI) co-processor and a 12VDC-only scalable architecture that transcends the restrictive OpenVPX bus.

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Dual-Port Programmable 100G Ethernet XMC ACAP Card

The V1161 device

The V1161 from New Wave DV (Eden Prairie, MN) is a next generation high-performance embedded computing XMC featuring the Xilinx® Versal Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform (ACAP), the NVIDIA® Mellanox® ConnectX®-5 (MC-X5) network interface device, and rugged optical and electrical IO options. The V1161 includes hardware offloads for UDP, TCP, RoCE v2, DPDK, GPUDirect, NVMEoF, and many other protocol stacks. The combination of the MC-X5 device and the ACAP device allows system designers to leverage off-the-shelf Ethernet performance. In addition to the Ethernet interfaces, the FPGA fabric provided within the ACAP part is capable of hosting New Wave DV IP cores for Fibre Channel, ARINC-818, sFPDP, Aurora, and others.

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Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs)

The Series C secure SSD

DIGISTOR® (Vancouver, WA) recently announced its Series C secure SSDs, the first DIGISTOR SSDs to add Cigent® D3E cybersecurity software. The C Series SSDs augment DIGISTOR self-encrypting SSDs with easily implemented, flexible file-level encryption and allow users to choose whether files are always locked or dynamically locked based on AI threat detection. Once locked, files are available only to authenticated individuals. The C Series supports multi-factor authentication, including Windows Hello - Facial Recognition, Fingerprint, PIN, Google Authenticator, and third-party authentication solutions like Cisco Duo. The new Citadel GL SSD extends pre-boot authentication (PBA) to UAVs, sensors, appliances, and other “headless” applications.

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Custom Capacitor Assemblies

The capacitor assemblies are tested to meet the demands of AEC-Q200 standards.

Knowles Precision Devices (Cazenovia, NY), a division of Knowles Corporation, recently introduced a new customizable capacitor assembly for automotive, military and aerospace applications. The capacitor assemblies utilize the vertical space above the circuit board to achieve very high capacitance and very high voltage in a smaller area. The large capacitor assemblies – initially available in ultra-stable low-loss C0G dielectric – have a high capacitance range of 10nF to 3.9μF and a voltage range from 500 VDC to 5000 VDC. The pins are large enough to handle very high ripple currents so that the capacitance does not drop with applied voltages or changes in temperature. The capacitor assemblies are tested to meet the demands of AEC-Q200 standards and particularly suitable for use in electric vehicle and resonant wireless charging systems.

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Inspection Software

Inspire inspection software supports metrology applications.

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division (North Kingstown, RI) launched the latest version of Inspire inspection software designed to take on a wide range of metrology applications with a handheld tablet or iPad. The latest version of Inspire introduces a variety of advancements including additional GD&T improvements, enhanced point cloud meshing for scanned data and new powerful feature extraction capabilities. Inspire software integrates with Hexagon’s flagship portable scanning and probing devices including the ultra-high-speed Absolute Scanner AS1, Absolute laser trackers and portable measuring arms, and other metrology devices. More software highlights include a new delete noise function to rapidly delete outlier data in point clouds, the addition of measurement triggers, and more data import and export options.

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Battery Logistics and Operational Compliance System

The BLOCS system

Lincad (Surrey, UK) has developed a battery logistics and operational compliance system (BLOCS) that allows label printing of battery state of charge. It connects directly to compatible in-service Lincad battery conditioners and chargers and enables batteries for military equipment to be transported safely around the world, in line with IATA regulations. The BLOCS label printer automatically prints a status label for each battery being charged or discharged, showing accurate state of charge data and other battery information. The system allows up to 16 conditioning devices to be connected at the same time for rapid processing and a streamlined logistics process. Using Lincad’s six channel Armada conditioner, up to 192 batteries can be processed simultaneously.

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UAV Connectivity Solution

Velaris provides secure communications for commercial UAVs.

Inmarsat (London, UK) announced the launch of its advanced new Velaris connectivity solution, which is positioned to serve as a catalyst for the safe and rapid growth of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) industry. Powered by the Inmarsat ELERA global satellite network, Velaris will provide secure communications for commercial UAVs – commonly known as drones – to fly beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) and seamlessly integrate with aircraft in commercial airspace. Backed by military grade cybersecurity, it allows operators to send their UAVs on long distance flights and access various applications, such as real-time monitoring, to ensure safe integration with other air traffic. In addition, Velaris allows a single pilot to remotely operate multiple UAVs at scale, making operations more commercially viable.

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Integrated Mission Computer


Kontron (Ismaning, Germany) announced its newest integrated mission computing platform, the COBALT S1901. The COBALT S1901 Integrated Mission Computer expands on Kontron’s COBALT 901 by leveraging a new, more highly expandable and capable carrier card for rugged versions of Kontron’s COM Express® Type 6 or 7 modules. This new carrier offers vastly more I/O and expansion possibilities, including an on-board Ethernet switch supporting 1G, 2.5G and 10G ports, two mini-PCIe slots, three M.2 slots, and two MXM slots for high-performance GPU modules (or custom FPGA modules). When coupled with a high-performance COM Express® module such as Kontron’s Xeon-D based COMe-BBD7 module and optional GPUs such as NVIDIA’s T1000 or RTX3000, this enables the COBALT S1901 to package a high level of processing performance along with a quantum jump in front-panel I/O.

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Aircraft Autothrottle Assembly

The autothrottle assembly integrates into aircraft cockpit controls.

Sensata Technologies (Attleboro, MA) today announced its new autothrottle assembly is available for integration into aircraft cockpit controls to improve flying safety and convenience for light jet applications. An automatic throttle sits in the cockpit at the pilot’s side and is used to modify fuel flow to the engine, controlling engine power and thrust. Like cruise control on a car, it allows the pilot to control an aircraft’s power settings automatically. The pilot can set the desired flight characteristics rather than manually controlling the thrust levers. In high workload situations or where the pilot may get distracted, the autothrottle can prevent the aircraft from getting into a situation that might lead to a stall and loss of control.

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Alternative RF Navigation Simulator

The RF navigation simulator

Spirent Federal (Pleasant Grove, UT) announced the launch of an alternative RF navigation simulator. As GPS jamming and spoofing continue to rise, interest in complementary sources of positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) data has likewise increased. Recent government directives recommend a layered, multi-source approach, with much of the attention focused on non-GNSS radio frequency signals. These RF signals, coined alternative RF navigation, offer unique PNT capability in GPS-degraded or denied environments. The signals are secure and resilient and can act as an effective complement to GPS signals. Spirent Federal’s product can simulate resilient alternative RF navigation signals on its own or concurrently with GNSS signals. Testing can be static or dynamic, with stationary, pedestrian and ground vehicle trajectories available.

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XMC Connector

The Mezalok High-Speed Low-Force (HSLF) XMC connector

TE Connectivity (TE) (Harrisburg, PA) recently introduced its Mezalok High-Speed Low-Force (HSLF) XMC connector to support data rate speeds up to 32+ Gb/s for improved signal processing on embedded computing applications. The enhanced HSLF Mezalok connector joins TE’s family of rugged connectors designed to meet the growing demand for higher data rates. Designed specifically for mezzanine applications, the connector meets legacy Mezalok high speed connector qualifications and uses a rugged dual point contact system. Mezalok HSLF XMC connectors meet the same rugged standards as VITA 47 and VITA 72. Suited best for aerospace, ground vehicle, marine and missile defense applications, these HSLF connectors feature a wide operating temperature range and thermal stability with VITA 42.3 pinout.

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3U VPX Single Board Computer

The U-C8770 3U VPX SBC

Aitech Systems (Chatsworth, CA) announced its U-C8770 3U VPX SBC, aligned with The Open Group Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) Technical Standard, enabling users to integrate it into a wide variety of current and future programs. The U-C8770 is the first SBC that is both fully aligned with the SOSA Technical Standard and offers advanced data breach and threat protection through Aitech’s proprietary AiSecure cybersecurity infrastructure. It also offers extremely large RAM and storage capacities combined with a large onboard FPGA, which helps further optimize SWaP-C and design efficiency. The new 3U VPX SBC supports both PCIe 4x and 40GE data plane options for fast transport of large amounts of uncompressed video and sensor data. It is an adaptation of Aitech’s high performance, rugged C877 SBC, and retains the same key technical features and benefits.

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MIL-DTL-38999 Hermetic Connectors

The MIL-DTL-38999 connector

MIL-DTL-38999 (formerly MIL-C-38999) circular connectors from Douglas Electrical Components (Randolph, NJ) are designed in a variety of industries and applications, most prominently military, aerospace, and defense applications. Its compact design, robust metal housing, lightweight footprint, and variety of pin counts allow for flexibility in design without compromising survivability in harsh environments. Back-potting utilizes epoxy to hermetically seal the back side of the electrical connection. This not only protects against moisture and dust, but creates a true hermetic seal to a standard leak rate of < 1X10-9 std cc/sec. The actual potting material utilized by Douglas is NASA certified low outgassing epoxy, tested per ASTM E-595-93 (0.33% TML. 0.00% CVCM). MIL-DTL-38999 hermetic connectors are also available through our PotCon hermetic bulkhead connector designs.

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