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Grundfos Solutions for Industrial Water Reuse


Water is such a fundamental necessity for life that it is often taken for granted. In modern industrial societies, the water from every tap is expected to be so pure that we can drink it without a second thought. However, the reality is much more complicated. Mankind is becoming increasingly aware that fresh water is a rarity, and the process of water treatment is vitally important to us all.

Water consumption in the industrial market contributes greatly to global water consumption, and therefore, Grundfos is putting special focus there. The use of water varies from one industry to another, as there are several different applications within water treatment and industrial water reuse in which Grundfos has developed optimized solutions to make use of intelligent solutions.

The purpose of this white paper is to introduce the topic of industrial water reuse, describe the specific processes within this area of water treatment, and show what Grundfos has to offer today and our visions for the future. This white paper is intended to introduce the reader to the many elements that constitute the water reuse process.

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