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pureLiFi has announced a new deal to supply the US Army Europe and Africa with Kitefin™, a next generation optical wireless communication system using LiFi for secure data transmission without radio frequencies. US Army Europe and Africa is fielding the capability across its theaters of operations.

The cutting-edge deployment by United States Army Europe and Africa is based on pureLiFi's wireless technology that uses light rather than radio frequencies to transmit data. By harnessing the light spectrum, LiFi claims they can unleash more reliable wireless communications with unparalleled security, compared to conventional technologies, such as cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth.

The deal with USAREUR-AF is the world's first large scale deployment of LiFi. The deployment consists of thousands of certified office and field deployable LiFi units in real tactical and strategic environments. Kitefin™ is a newly developed system with unique features for defense use cases.

The use of Radio Frequencies (RF) in secure and defense environments causes many challenges; mainly, RF can be detected and targeted with both kinetic and electronic means. Kitefin™ eliminates this risk as it cannot be detected outside of its defined cone of coverage. The Kitefin™ system also allows for rapid setup and tear-down having a positive logistical impact saving time, money and lives on each deployment.

A trial took place in 2019 where 66th MI tested LiFis in a tactical operations center (TOC) by maintaining a video teleconference and streaming a number of movies from 2nd Signal’s TOC located approximately 10 miles away. The trial demonstrated that LiFi enabled increased mobility, improving the strategic and tactical readiness by allowing users to quickly deploy and communicate. The initial trial of pure-LiFi’s technology with the Army showed a variety of Department of Defence stakeholders that LiFi could play a key role in the future of defense communications and resulted in the largest ever purchase of LiFi equipment. The deal comes on the back of pureLiFi raising £18 million series B investment to take LiFi mainstream.

The Kitefin™ system has a near-zero EM signature, cannot be jammed, is fully cyber secure and is proven to reduce cabling, logistical requirements and deliver significantly faster set-up times. Kitefin™ will offer the ability to operate over multiple enclaves, compliant with DISA WLAN AP and Station STIGS. pureLiFi will be shipping the first units of Kitefin™ in spring 2021 offering improved security for defense and setting the scene for protecting critical missions with LiFi.

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