New Products

Mezzanine Modules

The AcroPack® APZU mezzanine module

The AcroPack® APZU mezzanine modules from Acromag (Wixom, MI) provide a Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ multiprocessor system on a chip (MPSoC). This MPSoC integrates an ARM-based processing system and programmable logic in a single device. Two dual-core ARM Cortex CPUs (A53 application processor and R5 realtime processor) deliver high-performance computation capability. Additional resources include on-chip memory, external memory interfaces, and a rich set of peripheral connectivity interfaces. The integrated ASIC-class programmable logic is ideal for computer intensive tasks and offloading critical applications.

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Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCOs)

The voltage-controlled oscillator

Fairview Microwave Inc. (Irvine, CA) just unveiled a new line of voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) designed to address a wide range of SATCOM, electronic warfare, VSAT, ECM, radar, and test and measurement applications.

These new VCOs have output power ranging from 0 dBm to +9 dBm, cover broad frequency bands ranging from 230 MHz to 5420 MHz, offer exceptional phase noise performance as low as -110 dBc/Hz at 10 KHz offset, and incorporate internal voltage regulation and reverse DC protection.

These rugged, MIL-grade, aluminum, compact coaxial packages are designed for high reliability and meet a series of environmental conditions for vibration, altitude, shock and humidity.

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Cold Weather Servo Motors

Teknic's servo motors

Teknic’s (Rochester, NY) servo motors are all now capable of operating in cold weather at - 40°C, as well as temperatures as high as +70°C. This includes all integrated ClearPath servo systems (brushless servo motor, drive, controller, and encoder), and Teknic’s standalone Hudson brushless servo motors. All motors are built to be rugged and reliable with brushless design, oversized and permanently lubricated brand-name bearings, Class H high-temperature winding (180°C), fault-tolerant encoder design, and fully sintered rare-earth magnets. All motors also offer adaptive compensation for high inertial loads, velocity accuracy of 0.001%, patented vibration damping algorithms, and effective auto-tune.

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Low Compression Force 4.5-Watt Thermal Gap Filler

The SARCON® PG45A material

SARCON® PG45A from Fujipoly® (Carteret, NJ) is a new high-performance thermal interface material that exhibits a very low compression force even at high compression rates. This low modulus thermal gap filler helps reduce stress on the PCB during assembly. Available in thicknesses from 1.5mm to 2.5mm, SARCON® PG45A exhibits a thermal resistance as low as 0.02°C•in2/W at 43.5 PSI with a thermal conductivity of 4.5 W/m°K. PG45A is available in precut dimensions to 300 mm × 200 mm or can be die-cut to fit almost any application shape. SARCON® PG45A is well-suited for environments with operating temperatures ranging from -40 to +150°C.

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AC-DC Power Supply

The VPX1PH3UC310-SA power supply

Aegis Power Systems, Inc. (Murphy, NC) announced the VPX1PH3UC310-SA, a single-phase 85-264 VAC input to 28 VDC output power supply module with 310 watts and EMI filtering. This rugged slide-in power supply has been developed in alignment with the Sensor Open Systems Architecture™ (SOSA™) technical standard for use in interoperable systems for sensor management. This product achieves high-efficiency ACDC conversion with .99 power factor correction in a conduction cooled module with +12V and +3.3V_AUX outputs in alignment with the SOSA technical standards. The SWaP optimized 3U form factor and 5HP singleslot dimensions are interoperable per VITA 48.2 standards specifications.

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Design Software

The CR-8000 2021 release features more than 150 enhancements across the tool suite.

Zuken (Westford, MA) is releasing the latest edition of CR-8000, focusing on analysis and reuse. The CR-8000 2021 release features more than 150 enhancements across the tool suite ranging from architectural planning, system-level schematic design and verification, 3D multi-board and advanced packing layout, through to manufacturing outputs generation. The release puts specific emphasis on facilitating improved design efficiency through the benefits of early analysis. Particular attention in the 2021 release was given to fine-tuning the constraint and simulation capabilities in System Planner and Design Gateway, CR-8000’s engineering frontend applications. The 2021 enhancements make marginal design problems more detectable with more robust constraint definition capabilities. For 3D multi-board layout and routing, Design Force users benefit from the new place by area, template, and reuse functionality that enables the application of existing placement and routing patterns on new designs.

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Jet Engine Test Temperature Scanner


IPETRONIK GmbH & Co. (Baden-Baden, Germany) recently delivered M-THERMO 96 temperature scanners to Rolls-Royce’s jet engine test cells. The M-THERMO 96 with 96 channels handles all typical thermocouple types (E, J, K, N, R, S, and T) and measures with highest precision at ambient temperatures from -40°C to +85°C. For each channel it contains an extreme accurate cold junction compensation. Its patented diagnostic features provide a high level of safety and ensure that no measurement data is lost. The maximum error for the thermocouple type K does not exceed +/-0.3°C, meeting the requirements of the aerospace industry. The system provides Ethernet, WiFi and CAN interfaces and can be configured via IPEmotion or web interface. The M-THERMO 96 is resistant to corrosive liquids, works in altitudes of up to 55,000 feet and is waterproof. Its dimensions are 500 × 130 × 476 mm, its weight is 19.6 kg.

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Space Qualified Software-Defined Radio

The SDR-1001

CesiumAstro (Austin, TX) announced the release of the flight-ready SDR-1001 credit-card-sized modular software-defined radio (SDR) for commercial, government and defense applications, tested to NASA GEVS standards and available in volume. Featuring 4 TX and 4 RX channels tunable from 300 MHz to 6 GHz, the SDR-1001 ships with a default BPSK/QPSK modem and optional FPGA Developer Toolkit enabling custom waveform development. Designed to meet the demanding requirements for launch, as well as the extreme conditions of space and airborne environments, the SDR-1001 integrates a flexible RF front-end with high-performance FPGA to support a 5-to-7-year mission duration. Mil-Spec connectors provide access to RF signals and enable both SpaceWire and Ethernet connectivity.

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Silicon Capacitor

The process tech fabricates silicon capacitors.

Murata (Smyrna, GA) announced the launch of its latest silicon process technology to fabricate silicon capacitors with a density of 1.3μF/mm². The devices’ extremely low ESL and ESR support the highest performances of new power distribution networks (PDN) that require low impedance over a wide frequency bandwidth. As digital ICs evolve to offer more features at lower voltages, resolving issues like noise and voltage fluctuation is critical. The solutions’ <40μm profile enables chip designers to embed the silicon capacitor into the package as close to the active die as possible to minimize both the current path length and parasitic levels. These multi-terminal devices satisfy the various SoC and microprocessor design requirements for multiple terminal capacitor networks.

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Sealant Material

The 80 EPDM 426288 material successfully seals hydraulic systems.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (Plymouth, MI) has begun manufacturing seals made from a new Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) material that addresses hydraulic seal leakage at high altitudes and low temperatures. The new material, 80 EPDM 426288, successfully seals hydraulic systems operating at temperatures as low as -85°F (65°C). Scientists at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies have used a unique polymer, rather than adding large amounts of plasticizers, to produce 80 EPDM 426288. The material meets the rigorous requirements of the new AMS7361 specification for improved low temperature behavior in commercial aircraft hydraulic systems. EPDM can be crafted to resist sunlight, ozone and chemical degradation, effectively seal phosphate-ester hydraulic fluids and other fluids, and performs well at temperatures of up to 302°F (150°C).

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Aircraft-Ready OpenVPX Modules

The 3U OpenVPX™ SOSA-aligned avionics module

Mercury Systems Inc. (Andover, MA) announced its new line of safety-certifiable 3U OpenVPX™ SOSA-aligned avionics modules designed to accelerate critical avionics applications and streamline subsystem development and platform safety certification. The rugged processing, video, storage and power modules feature BuiltSAFE™ proven, modular, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) elements complete with hardware and software artifacts to deliver smooth performance and simplify integration. DO-178-certifiable developmental board support packages (BSPs) support Green Hills Software, Lynx Software Technologies, WindRiver and other real-time operating system (RTOS) software to streamline integration and the certification process. The SBC3515-S module included in the new product lineup is the first certifiable Intel® Core™ i7 single board computer with the latest generation processor on the market, delivering up to 40x better performance than traditional safety-certifiable processing boards.

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Modular IoT Development Platform

The platform eases the prototyping of IoT systems.

Renesas Electronics Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) introduced a new IoT system design platform that eases the prototyping of IoT systems. The Renesas Quick-Connect IoT system consists of standardized boards and interfaces, enabling designers to connect a wide range of sensors to MCU development boards. The new system also delivers core software building blocks that are portable between boards, reducing coding requirements. As part of the Quick-Connect IoT system, Renesas worked with Digilent, Inc. to create a new expanded I2C Pmod Interface, Type 6A, for wider coverage and added flexibility. Renesas has standardized on the new Pmod 6A connector from Digilent for new sensor Pmods and MCU development kits. MCU boards will have two Pmod connectors, one for a sensor Pmod, and another for a communications module.

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Multicore Debug Engine

Stellar SR6 Integration MCUs from STMicroelectronics

Extensive multicore debug and trace functions for the new Arm® Cortex ®-R52-based Stellar SR6 Integration MCUs from STMicroelectronics, SR6 P and SR6 G series, are offered by the latest version of the Universal Debug Engine® (UDE) from PLS Programmierbare Logik & Systeme GmbH (Lauta, Germany). Up to six Arm® Cortex®-R52 cores, some of which operate in lock-step or split-lock mode, and up to 20 MB of embedded phase-change memory (PCM) guarantee multicore performance for real-time applications at the highest level in both model series. Stellar SR6’s innovative dual-image storage enables efficient Over-The-Air (OTA) reprogramming with major savings in memory size through an ST innovation that supports configuring the PCM cell structure to double the memory size during OTA updates.

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High-Speed High-Density FMC

The FMC255 module

VadaTech (Henderson, NV) announced the FMC255, a high-density ADC/DAC module with two LTC2107 that each provide a single channel ADC, 16-bit at 210 MSPS, dual AD9653 for total of six additional ADC, 16-bit at 125 MSPS, and a single LTC2000-16 that provides a single channel DAC, 16-bit at 1.25 GSPS. Additionally, the clock source can be via the front panel. The module does not follow the VITA57 height constraint. It has an additional daughter card that mates to the FMC module to allow it to accommodate the six ADC channels. For example, on the AMC FPGA FMC Carriers, it requires a full-height AMC panel to accommodate all the I/Os. The carrier must have a monolithic panel (the FMC255 does not come with an FMC panel) to cover the FMC255 I/O envelope.

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