NASA Aims for Climate-Friendly Aviation

NASA is expanding research to lead the nation to a sustainable, net-zero carbon emissions aviation future. (Credits: Aircraft image by Scott Anders, Rich Wahls, and Lillian Gipson; Forest image by franckreporter, E+, GettyImages)

NASA is expanding research for sustainable aviation by developing and testing new green technologies for next-generation aircraft, new automation tools for greener and safer airspace operations, and new sustainable energy options for aircraft propulsion.

The agency is partnering with industry, academia, and other agencies through the Sustainable Flight National Partnership to accomplish aviation’s aggressive climate change agenda – by 2050 reduce aviation carbon emissions by half compared to 2005 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2060.

Demonstrations in the next ten years will include hybrid-electric propulsion on a large transport aircraft, ultra-high efficiency long and slender aircraft wings, large-scale manufacturing techniques of composite materials, and advanced engine technologies.