Multi-Sensor Electro-Optic Platform

Silent Sentinel
Hertfordshire, UK
+44 (0) 1920 871734

British surveillance company, Silent Sentinel, has been awarded a significant contract to supply a bespoke multi-sensor electro-optic platform for leading defence manufacturer Rheinmetall Canada’s latest Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV). Silent Sentinel’s platform will have full integration capabilities for the Rheinmetall Mission Master – Armed Reconnaissance Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle (A-UGV), which is an important part of Rheinmetall’s UGV range. The program is currently ongoing with the first units of Silent Sentinel’s platform already deployed and operational. Silent Sentinel are anticipating further deliveries of their product by the end of 2021.

Silent Sentinel’s offering includes a dual Electro-Optic/Infra-Red camera payload, a laser range finder and a panoramic full ring camera that provides 360° surveillance, all on one Jaegar pan and tilt unit. This contract is the first for Silent Sentinel in this area as they continue to push into the unmanned sector. As the demand for high-quality electro-optics grows, Silent Sentinel is filling much of that void by providing advanced and easily integrated systems that can be adapted and utilized in all scenarios.

Silent Sentinel has confirmed that they will be providing through-life support for their platforms, which will be manufactured at their site in Hertfordshire. This partnership will also have the added benefit of sustaining the current 50-strong Silent Sentinel workforce, which has grown continuously throughout the year despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Silent Sentinel is a well-established provider of surveillance and security systems, specializing in both cooled and uncooled long-range thermal camera platforms, with products exported to over 50 countries worldwide.

Based in Hertfordshire, UK, Silent Sentinel is a manufacturer that designs, manufactures, and supplies advanced surveillance and security systems. They manufacture a range of cooled and uncooled thermal cameras, HD/4K visible cameras, and offer an array of the latest technologies to create bespoke products for their customers.

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