Perimeter Security Sensor System

Silent Sentinel, Ltd
Hertfordshire, UK
+44 (0) 1920 871734

Silent Sentinel Inc., a U.K.-based surveillance company, has been selected as a provider for the U.S. Department of Defense after reaching the finals of the Air Force’s “Build the Base of the Future” challenge. Silent Sentinel is part of Team Phosonic Perimeter Security Sensors and Analytics Platform (PSSAP) which specializes in sensor systems, machine learning algorithms and autonomous alert notifications for U.S. Air Force Security Forces. Silent Sentinel provides the electro-optical, infrared and tracking for the solution.

Team PSSAP competed in the ‘Base Security and Defense’ challenge, looking to demonstrate comprehensive and affordable perimeter security and actionable intelligence.

The Base and Security Challenge focused on how the U.S. Air Force utilizes new installations to analyze and improve the security and defense systems protecting its people and critical resources. The challenge called for solutions to build an agile and responsive air base of the future, safeguarded efficiently from threats ranging from explosives and shooters to cyber risks.

It was centered around six topics - Base Security, Installation Resilience, Leveraging Technology for Operational Effectiveness, Reverse Engineering, Culture of Innovation, and Airman and Family Wellbeing. The proposals selected to advance in the challenge demonstrate innovative solutions across a range of specialist areas including security technology.

Silent Sentinel is a well-established provider of surveillance and security systems, with products already exported to over 50 countries worldwide. With headquarters in the U.K., Silent Sentinel Group has recently opened an office in Orlando, Florida, as part of its wider commitment to supporting its North American customer base.

According to Paul Elsey, Silent Sentinel’s Managing Director, “The Build the Base of the Future Challenge has provided a timely opportunity to showcase Silent Sentinel’s electro optical expertise. We are committed to growing our footprint in the United States, providing innovative and reliable security systems to suit the needs of the US Department of Defense.” Silent Sentinel’s open Commercial Solutions Opening contract, means this solution is now readily available to the Department of Defense and other federal customers.

Silent Sentinel is a Hertfordshire-based manufacturer who design, manufacture, and supply advanced surveillance and security systems. They manufacture a range of cooled and uncooled thermal cameras, HD/4K visible cameras, and offer an array of the latest technologies to create bespoke products for their customers.

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