New Products

Satellite Phone Docking Station

Blue Sky Network (San Diego, CA) has released the 9575A Docking Station, the first and only secure docking station for the Iridium 9575A satellite phone. The Iridium 95 75A satellite phone is the only commercial handset capable of Type I encryption accredited by the U.S. National Security Agency for Top Secret voice communications and is replacing the now-obsolete Iridium 9505A satellite phone. Blue Sky Network's 9575A Docking Station, the successor to the ASE-MC03-DOD dock for the 9505A, is the only commercially available docking station that supports the 9575A satellite phone handset. The 9575A Docking Station supports General Dynamics' DOD security module 2 and Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services (EMSS) for global voice, data, and paging capabilities.

The Iridium Security Module 2 (ISM2) is a sleek, small form factor encryption module that provides NSA Certified protection of classified voice and data communications. The module is covert, fits completely inside the Iridium 9575A handset, and provides end-to-end security for information classified Top Secret and below.

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3U OpenVPX SBC Module

Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd. (Chesham, UK) launched the VF370, an Intel-based 3U OpenVPX single board computer (SBC) module designed for reduced Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) requirements. Available in standard air-cooled and rugged conduction-cooled versions, the VF370 utilizes the Intel Atom E3900 Series of embedded processors combined with Intel's well-established Cyclone FPGA technology. The VF370 features a single, dual or quad core Intel Atom processor operating at up to 2 GHz for running post-processing software. An onboard SATA SSD provides fast booting and reliable storage, while associated onboard peripherals include 4 GB of associated DDR memory, a real-time clock (RTC), elapsed time indicator (ETI), EEPROM and Flash for user configuration data and logs.

The Intel Cyclone FPGA, with scalable logic and variable-precision DSP resources facilitates the implementation of IP cores and/or custom logic. Combined with 2 GB of DDR3 memory, it supports algorithms with large memory size and bandwidth requirements. The high pin-count FMC connector connects to the FPGA through four high-speed serial interface (HSSI) lanes and 58 differential LVDS/LVTTL signals while an optional FMC I/O connector routes 32 differential pairs to the P2 VPX connector for backplane or rear I/O functionality.

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Single Pair Ethernet Aircraft Wiring

TE Connectivity (TE) (Harrisburg, PA) unveiled its new Mini-ETH single pair ethernet system for commercial aircraft that offers weight savings, more bandwidth and simpler installation and maintenance by using proven technologies from other markets. TE's new Mini-ETH system offers them up to 73% weight savings in cables and up to 41% weight savings in connectors compared to standard eight-wire cables and rectangular connectors.

Using ethernet over single pair protocols derived from the automotive market, the Mini-ETH system delivers its weight savings by employing a two-wire cable design, which was recently standardized under the ARINC 854 cabin equipment network bus standard. Two-wire cables and corresponding 369 connectors help reduce termination time by up to 50% compared to standard quadrax connectors. The package is qualified to 100Mb/s with the ability to support up to 1Gb/s in future applications. The Mini-ETH system is currently designed for use in In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) systems, seat power and lighting controls.

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Drilling and Tapping Centers

With rapid traverse speeds up to 2,362 ipm (60 m/min) in all axes and acceleration of 1.2 g, the Tongtai VTX series of drilling and tapping centers are now available from Absolute Machine Tools, Inc. (Lorain, OH). The machine's compact 87” x 63” (2,210 mm x 1,600 mm) footprint conserves shop floor space, and a fixed column/moving table type design with Meehanite cast-iron frames and roller-type linear slide-ways provides rigidity and fast, precise movement.

Two types of high-speed ATC systems are available. The 21-tool turret-type ATC on VTX-5 and VTX-7 models offers tool change time of 1.4 seconds tool-to-tool and 1.9 seconds chip-to-chip. VTX-5A and 7A versions have a 20-tool arm-type ATC system that reduces tool change time to 0.8 seconds tool-to-tool and 1.3 seconds chip-to-chip.

The standard 7.5 hp, 12,000 rpm direct-drive spindle provides rigid tap speeds up to 6,000 rpm. An optional 24,000 rpm direct-drive spindle delivers high speeds for machining aluminum and magnesium parts and is suitable for processing graphite. A BBT-30 (Big Plus dual contact) taper is standard for rigid milling.

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Spectrum Analyzer Platform

RIGOL Technologies (Beaver-ton, OR) announces the new RSA3000N and RSA5000N Spectrum Analyzer, which extends the flexibility and capability of the UltraReal platform with a new Vector Network Analyzer measurement mode. The RSA5000N and the RSA3000N deliver the same performance specifications and feature set as the current RSA models but adds the VNA capability as a standard feature. With integrated Smith Charts, Polar Charts, Reflection Coefficient, Impedance, Insertion Loss, Frequency Response and a host of other measurements the RIGOL UltraReal Spectrum Analyzer becomes a fully functional Vector Network Analyzer.

Supporting S11, S21 and Distance to Fault Analysis, the RSA5000N and RSA3000N can be used to tune antenna sets, search for communication and cable faults, or fully characterize their active or passive RF components. There are 5 models of Vector Network Analyzer. The RSA3000N supports frequency ranges of 1.5 GHz, 3.0 GHz and 4.5 GHz. The RSA5000N ranges from 3.2 GHz to 6.5 GHz.

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Multi-Spindle Automatic Lathe

INDEX (Noblesville, IN) has launched its next generation MS32-6 multi-spindle automatic lathe. Accommodating up to 32 mm bar stock, the MS32-6 easily handles a wide variety of complex parts, as the machine is equipped with twelve cross slides, with two v-shaped cross slides equipped with X and Z axes located at each spindle position. C and Y axes, together with live tools, can also be implemented to allow for off-center drilling, threading, contouring, hobbing and polygonal turning.

Each cross slide in the MS32-6 now incorporates INDEX's patented W-serration locating system that provides μm-accurate alignment of the tool holder. Coupled with the company's newly developed quick-clamping device, tools can be set up off of the machine and then quickly installed, reducing tool change times by 50%. Additionally, the machine incorporates the same W-serration system on its live units for drilling, milling and polygonal turning. The machine's fluid-cooled spindle drum features six spindles with speeds that are independently controlled to a maximum of 8,000 rpm. The machine can also be equipped with one or two synchronous spindles, each of which can apply up to six tools for machining the rear end of parts.

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Mahr, Inc. (Providence, RI) has introduced five new micrometers for specialized measuring tasks, including:

  • 40-EWR-R/40-EWRi-R micrometers with spherical and flat anvils for measuring wall thickness;

  • 40-EWR-S/40-EWRi-S micrometers with non-rotating blade anvils for measuring grooves and slots;

  • 40-EWR-B/40-EWRi-B micrometers with 3mm diameter measuring faces for recesses and spline shafts;

  • 40-EWR-K/40-EWRi-K micrometers with blade and point contact for measuring wire crimps;

  • 40-EWR-V/40-EWRi-V universal micrometer kits with interchangeable contacts for measuring diameters over balls, threads and many other special lengths.

All Micromar 40 EWR/40-EWRi micrometers incorporate a large 10 mm digit high contrast display; tolerance limits to qualify the part; a built-in reference system for setting zero position only once; and a “hold” function (digital lock) that allows measured values to be “frozen” so they can be easily read. All are IP65 rated so users can have confidence they will work in some of the harshest manufacturing conditions.

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CAD/CAM Software

OPEN MIND Technologies AG (Needham, MA) has introduced hyperMILL® 2020.1, a new version of its advanced, comprehensive CAD/CAM software suite. In addition to powerful 3D and 5-Axis machining enhancements for complex part manufacture, the new version increases ease-of-use and overall programming performance and includes new automation and additive manufacturing strategies.

hyperMILL® 2020.1 offers new Corner Rest Machining strategies for 3D and 5-axis techniques that benefit complex machining applications including mold and die. Enabled by a simple instruction, corners can be machined largely by vertical stroking motions. Then traditional z-level steps can be used to blend with the vertical section and the lower floor area. The top section has an automatic surface extension to enable the production of sharp edges.

Programming is simplified within the Mill-Turn module by a new Automatic Contour Feature Splitting capability, enabling hyperMILL® to automatically determine the area to be machined based on the turning contour. The grooving job will automatically recognize if a contour is a groove, making it faster and easier to program certain areas.

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Bargraph Meter

A form, fit and function drop-in replacement for popular analog meters such as the GE/Yoko-gawa 180, Weschler VX252/252, Dixson BB101, Sigma 1151 and many others, OTEK's (Tucson, AZ) NTM-9 digital panel meter is a vertical 6-inch bargraph meter able to accommodate up to 2 channels. The NTM-9 carries an industry-standard housing of 2.16” W x 6” H x 3” D and is available in either plastic or metal.

The NTM-9 offers a full automatic tricolor bargraph with intensity control and 4 digits at 0.3” measuring at 0.1% accuracy. The bar direction is also configurable with navigational options of up/down/center zero. In addition to isolated O.C.T/SPDT relays and isolated analog outputs, the NTM-9 also features an input signal failure alarm with run time stamp to alert the operator in the event of an interrupted or lost signal, which also includes self-diagnostics. The meter boasts isolated serial I/O with USB/RS485, math functions including polynomials, operational requirements of less than 50 mW of power, and over 30 available input signals.

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Inertial Measurement Unit

Silicon Sensing Systems' (Devon, UK) high-performance DMU30 micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) inertial measurement unit (IMU) has been selected by the Institute for Q-shu Pioneers of Space, Inc. (iQPS) of Fukuoka, Japan, for the control system of Japan's first X-band synthetic aperture radar (SAR) small satellite. This is a lm resolution, high-performance, X-band SAR-satellite weighing only 100 Kg.

The DMU30, Silicon Sensing's highest performing IMU, is an ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations)-free product that matches the performance of a FOG unit but is far more rugged, ideal for operating over extended periods in the harsh space environment. This formidable, high-integrity IMU is calibrated to deliver precision performance over the full rated temperature range. It is also much smaller, weighs less and is less costly than a comparable FOG device, freeing up capacity on the satellite for other technologies.

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