Counter-Drone Technology

Citadel Defense
San Diego, CA

Citadel Defense has developed a Counter-drone (CUAS) technology called Titan that reliably detects, identifies, and defeats unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's or “drones”) and swarms threatening combat troops, critical infrastructure, or information espionage. The company recently manufactured a first-of-its-kind solution designed to protect troops, vehicles, and permanent structures from threat drones.

Titan systems are software-programmable to provide an escalating layer of protection against unwanted drones that are carrying device-triggering explosives or executing reconnaissance missions to disrupt the military's tactical operations. In an effort to maintain technical superiority for servicemen and service-women on the front lines of combat, Citadel Defense designed and developed the solution alongside warfighters and used artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to constantly stay ahead of the changing threat. In environments where warfighter communications are critical, Citadel's patented technology can surgically defeat threat drones without taking down signals required for communication such as WiFi and Bluetooth.

Through an open and extensible hardware and software architecture, Citadel Defense created a solution that can adapt to worldwide threats. Engineered for fixed, mobile, and dismounted operation, the system has been designed and engineered to meet rigorous testing requirements under MIL-STD 810 to ensure that it is rugged enough for a variety of different mission sets and can be successfully operated in even the harshest environments.

Titan is a next generation system that is high-powered, modular, programmable, multiband, and designed to deny enemy use of threat drones. In less than 5 minutes, the entire system can be set up, configured, and be ready to operate with a hemisphere of protection that extends beyond the distances many drones can fly.

The Titan was designed to be operated by a user who has no signal expertise or training. By removing all cognitive load across the user experience and offering warfighters the ability to set the system to “autonomous mode”, the Titan allows warfighters to focus on their mission without distraction. According to Christopher Williams, CEO of Citadel Defense, the company's goal in designing the Titan system was to deliver technology that is as easy to operate as an iPhone.

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