Intelligent Parachute Rescue System

Drone Rescue GmbH Graz, Austria
+43 660 140 80 55

Drone Rescue Systems GmbH has developed a fast, efficient parachute safety solution for drones that can reduce the risk of harming people on the ground and safely bring down the drone when it malfunctions in the air. The parachute safety solution works autonomously and independent of the drone and ejects the parachute in a fraction of a second, enabling safe commercial and private drone usage even over crowded places.

In the development of the parachute rescue system, the main focus was on reliable, autonomous crash detection. Potential operation Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) should be possible in case of emergency. This goal led to development of the first drone-specific parachute system – the DRS-M600 for the DJI M600.

The DJI M600 is employed in many commercial and industrial applications. The DJI model is used frequently, especially for surveying tasks and aerial photographs. Both the drones and the onboard systems, such as cameras and measuring instruments, often represent a considerable investment for the users. It is therefore important to enable a safe and fast landing in hazardous situations in order to protect hardware as well as people in the field of operations.

One of the primary goals was to develop a system that reacts faster than the pilot and can be used in an emergency, even during BVLOS operations. The DRS system was therefore equipped with electronics and intelligence that quickly detects a potential crash and ejects the parachute quickly and autonomously. The entire parachute system is system-independent and can be deployed even with a total failure of the drone.

Special attention was also paid to not reducing the possible payload capacity and flying time or range of the drone because of the parachute system. Designing a special carbon cage for the parachute and miniaturizing the electronics reduced the weight of the complete system to just 420g. This weight was also achieved by dispensing with pyrotechnics as a trigger mechanism. Consequently, the DRS-M600 is not subject to any safety requirements or hazardous goods regulations and can be carried on passenger aircraft without official requirements.

In an emergency, the parachute itself is catapulted out of the cage by a robust elastic cord system. The parachute design is rectangular and is therefore particularly pendulum- and wind stable. Another goal was to develop a parachute system, that can be deployed from an altitude of 10 m. The design of the parachute and the fast trigger mechanism achieved that goal.

The DRS-M600 can be mounted on the DJI M600 at any time and requires very little maintenance. The parachute trigger mechanism can be easily attached and detached without mechanical effort by means of a bayonet catch. Even during turbulent flight or strong vibrations, the bayonet catch ensures a reliable connection between parachute system and drone. All flight movements are recorded by the electronics and saved so that in the event of damage this data can be analyzed and, if necessary, forwarded for clarification.

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