Armored Response Vehicle for Bomb Disposal Teams

Lenco Industries
Pittsfield, MA

Lenco Industries has introduced the BearCat® EOD “BombCat” armored response vehicle for bomb disposal teams and EOD and IEDD first responders. Designed with input from veteran explosive ordinance disposal experts, the Bomb- Cat accommodates a large tactical robot like the Andros F6A, which can be readily accessed using a fold-down ramp at the curb side door or deployed from a hydraulically controlled platform located at the front of the vehicle.

The BombCat’s spool storage reel manages the robot’s fiber-optic cable, while technicians monitor progress via computer monitors from the safety of the vehicle’s interior. Secure radio signals also transmit robot audio and video feeds.

The BombCat includes an optional, roof-mounted 24X zoom camera with high-intensity scene lighting that can be raised up to 10 feet for enhanced visibility. A thermal image camera, CBRNE equipment, and advanced communications sensors are also available to meet operator needs.

All Lenco-armored trucks are built with Mil-Spec steel armor, plate-certified to defeat multi-hit attacks from 7.62 AP / .50 Cal BMG, while ceilings and floors provide enhanced blast and fragmentation protection. Ballistic glass windows also offer multi-hit defeat. Additionally, BombCat models are built on heavy-duty commercial truck platforms, which allow upkeep and repairs to be performed at OEM dealers and truck centers.

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